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Are you looking for a Boulder sober living home? If so, this blog post will provide you with some information on NorthStar Transitions Boulder sober living homes and Boulder sober living treatment program.

Recovering men and women typically need some kind of inpatient drug and alcohol treatment to get physically clean and sober and regain some mental clarity and receive some psycho-education around addiction and alcoholism. Inpatient drug rehab programs also provide patients with some practical skills on how to stay sober once they get out of treatment.

However, patients transitioning from a Boulder drug rehab center back into daily life are typically facing many challenges and in reality those challenges can force the patient into a fight-or-flight mentality. At this point, the patient typically goes back to what they know- drugs, alcohol and poor decisions. But is avoiding relapse possible? If this is the typical cycle, what is the point of treatment?

What many families do not realize is that treatment is a mere beginning to recovery. Drug and alcohol treatment centers do not “cure” the patient (despite the ads you might see on television). The real test is when the client leaves treatment and is forced to put the tools they learned in treatment into practice in the real world. This is where a Boulder sober living program comes into play. Once the patient is discharged from treatment they are likely to be referred to aftercare. The goal of most aftercare programs is to help the client implement the skills they learned in treatment in the real world.

NorthStar Transitions Boulder sober living homes and Boulder sober living program is meant to provide patients coming out of a primary addiction treatment program a seamless transition from primary treatment to sober living in the real world. To this end, NorthStar provides clients with a safe, clean and comfortable private Boulder sober living apartment where the client lives independently and learns to develop crucial life skills such as budgeting, paying bills, grocery shopping and meal preparation, maintaining a clean living environment etc. The client also receives up to 20 hours per week of individual one-on-one client-centered case management which is aimed at helping the client to get oriented to recovery outside the treatment setting through plugging the client into resources such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Phoenix Multisport in addition to helping the client to get full-time employment or get back into college or a vocational program. The client will receive drug and alcohol screens twice weekly and will have one individual and one family therapy session each week.

The structure of the NorthStar Transitions Boulder sober living program has successfully helped dozens of clients transitioning from treatment to sober living in the Boulder area over the past several years. If you or a loved one are in need of a Boulder sober living program, please contact NorthStar Transitions Boulder sober living admissions team at 1-888-787-9377.