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If you or a loved one are considering a Boulder sober living or Denver sober living program then you may be concerned about legalized marijuana in the state of Colorado. I have decided to write this blog post to provide some facts about marijuana legalization in the state of Colorado and to ease concerns that potential clients or parents of potential clients may have about seeking a Boulder sober living program or Denver sober living program.

Although medical marijuana has been legal in Colorado for the past several years, Colorado voters recently voted to make marijuana legal for recreational use in the state of Colorado for Colorado residents over the age of 21. Although the details have not been worked out by the state legislature as of the time of this blog post, marijuana is going to be regulated in the state of Colorado much like alcohol is. Customers of the marijuana business will be able to walk into a store that sells marijuana, produce their ID indicating they are over 21 years of age and purchase marijuana for personal recreational use. While this freedom is somewhat negative publicity for Denver drug rehab and Boulder drug rehab programs, the state of Colorado is merely bringing the black market marijuana drug trade into the free market where it can be properly regulated, tracked and taxed like any other product out there.

In almost any city or small town in the country marijuana is easily and readily available from criminal drug dealers. Often times, these drug dealers sell other drugs in addition to marijuana and the marijuana could possibly be “laced” with a dangerous substance or more potent narcotic. Marijuana consumers are forced to interact with these criminal drug dealers in order to buy marijuana which often leads to robberies etc. Here in Colorado, facing the reality that marijuana is available anyway and being the first state to come out and allow the drug to be sold legally will likely reduce violent crime related to marijuana sales and will lesson the chance of recreational marijuana users being robbed, beaten or even being offered harder more addictive drugs by drug dealers looking to increase their profits. So, although Colorado is a pioneer state and has recognized the reality that “marijuana is available anyhow, why not regulate it” and this has caused negative publicity for Denver drug rehab and Boulder drug rehab and sober living programs, the black market for marijuana is available in every city throughout the country.

Thus, as always, sober living and sober a lifestyle has to be a choice of the person in recovery. Just as a person choosing to live sober must learn to pass the liquor store without stopping in to buy a bottle or to attend a wedding without drinking wine, a person in Colorado can choose to pass a marijuana dispensary without buying marijuana.

Furthermore, Colorado offers an idyllic environment for sober living despite the availability of legal marijuana. Colorado offers over 300 days of sunshine per year and an unlimited number of outdoor activities such as snowboarding, skiing, hiking, river rafting, rock climbing etc. In addition, Colorado has a robust and active recovery community with thousands of AA and NA meetings each week and a program unique to Colorado, Phoenix Multisport, which fosters a sober active community. The economy in Colorado is strong and provides excellent employment opportunities and for those still in need of finishing their education Colorado is the home of the University of Colorado Boulder, the University of Denver, Naropa University and many community colleges.

In summary, do not let the availability of legal marijuana deter you or a loved one from pursuing substance abuse treatment in Colorado or sober living in Denver or Boulder. The Boulder and Denver Colorado area is an unparalleled place to get and stay sober.