Sober Living Homes for University of Colorado Students

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Sober Housing for University of Colorado Students


*NorthStar Transitions is in no way affiliated with the University of Colorado.

Sober living homes and sober dorm alternatives for University of Colorado Students.

NorthStar Transitions offers sober housing within walking distance of the University of Colorado at Boulder. Many students go away to college and quickly run into trouble with their new level of freedom and independence. The excitement of parties and prevalence of drugs and alcohol on college campuses can easily derail a college career.

At NorthStar, we have worked with countless University of Colorado students whose college career was interrupted by partying too much, failing out of school or having to take a medical leave and then entering treatment. Obviously, it is important that after treatment the student be able to go back to college to complete their education. But, college campuses can be a dangerous environment for newly sober young adults. For this reason, it is highly advisable that when a young adult leaves drug & alcohol treatment to return to college, that they live in a structured, monitored environment for at least their first semester back on campus.

Enter the sober housingĀ  provided by NorthStar Transitions to University of Colorado students. NorthStar Transitions has long provided sober living homes in Boulder to CU Boulder students. In addition, NorthStar provides Life Skills Counseling, Drug & Alcohol Testing, Individual and Family Therapy and group activities. The NorthStar program allows newly sober CU Boulder students to live with other young adults in a similar stage of their lives and recovery and begin building a peer community of other sober college students.

Thus in addition to sober housing, NorthStar will provide continued support for the students recovery and coaching on time management, financial management, academics etc.

If you are a CU Boulder student in recovery or the parent of a University of Colorado student in recovery, please call us to discuss our sober housing options near the University of Colorado Boulder campus. 1-888-787-9377.