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Choosing a Sober Living Home

We’ve discussed on this blog how participating in 12 months of treatment  gets a newly sober individual to a crucial milestone after which the likelihood of long term recovery is much more likely.

But of course the person doesn’t necessarily have to be in a residential primary rehab program where they are closely monitored for the entire year. The recovering individual should gradually “step down” through less acute levels of care, and after achieving some months of sobriety they will be ready to enter a sober living home.

Sober Living Homes – Gateway to a Return to Normal Life

Sober living homes provide structure and accountability for the recovering individual. A newly sober person will be surrounded by others who understand what it’s like to be in recovery. Eventually, the individual will be secure enough in their sobriety to get their own apartment or move in with people who are not in recovery. But for the time spent in a sober living home, the focus should be on keeping one’s program of recovery first, and the sober living house should have rules and requirements that go along with this.

What to Look for in a Sober Living Home

Throughout the first year of treatment (including the time spent in a sober living home), there should be regular drug testing that occurs at random intervals. This affirms the participant’s sobriety and provides accountability if they do relapse.

The sober living home should have a required number of meetings (like 12-step groups or an alternative) and verify participation. Housemates should share the tasks of keeping the house clean and tidy as this fosters a positive environment for recovery. Ideally the sober living home will be well maintained and have high quality amenities as these nuances are encouraging to the psyche of the person who is adjusting to a life of sobriety.

NorthStar Transitions and Boulder Sober Living

Ideally, the individual who moves into a sober living home would still be participating in counseling or outpatient treatment with an addiction support team.  This is exactly the arrangement that NorthStar Transitions provides through our partnership with Boulder Sober Living Homes.

Excellent accomodations.

Clients who are enrolled in our outpatient or day treatment programs are eligible to live in one of Boulder Sober Living’s homes which are highly regarded for their excellent amenities as well as the staff members -who provide oversight of the houses and guide newly recovering people on their journey of recovery.

All of the sober living homes that are offered are centrally located with easy access to our offices, University of Colorado, and an incredible host of other activities that residents routinely enjoy. The homes are all located on the bus line for easy transit to other parts of the city.

Learn More about Addiction Treatment And Boulder Sober Living Homes

To read more about the sober living homes offered by Boulder Sober Living, visit this page. Or if you have questions related to treatment for yourself or your loved one please don’t hesitate to call us at (303)625-6335.



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