How Spirituality Can Help With Anxiety

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Spirituality plays a big role in recovery, especially if you’re among the 20 percent of individuals with a substance use disorder and an anxiety disorder. Simply put, spirituality helps you connect your mind and body and heart.

For some, spirituality takes the form of religion, prayer, meditation or a belief in a higher power. Others, however, find spirituality in nature, music, art or a secular community.

 “The heart is the essence of spirituality,” wrote Kristin Dahl on “It’s where the soul meets body and we become aware of our inherent life force. It’s where we feel deeply, open ourselves to love, and find tenderness when things become challenging.”

5 Ways Spirituality Helps Ease Anxiety
Spirituality has many benefits for your mental health, according to Mayo Clinic.

  • You’ll learn to stay in the moment. Spiritual practices like prayer or meditation can help you quiet the mind and focus on the present so you can let go of the negative chatter that’s fueling your anxiety.
  • You’ll feel a sense of purpose. Cultivating your spirituality can help you uncover what’s most important in your life. This will help you focus less on the things that stir up anxiety.
  • You’ll connect to the world. The more you feel you have a purpose in the world, the more inner peace you’ll have – and inner peace can help you stay calm during anxious times.
  • You’ll have a better support network. Whether you find spirituality in a church, mosque or synagogue, in your family, or in nature walks with a friend, this sharing of spiritual expression can help build relationships.
  • You’ll lead a healthier life. Those who consider themselves spiritual have been found to better cope with stress and mind their overall health.

A Spiritual Awakening at Providence Treatment
A sense of spiritual emptiness is common for many people struggling with addiction. At NorthStar,
we offer general wellness programming to help clients develop healthy habits and routines and decrease anxiety. To learn more about our health and wellness programs, call us today: 303-625-6335.


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