Tips for a Fun and Sober Memorial Day

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Memorial Day

As we kick off the summer this weekend, it’s easy to get nostalgic for party days or feel like you need to stay indoors to resist any temptation. But you can have fun without risking relapse or isolation. The key is to be aware of your personal triggers and to have a plan and support network in place. If you’re newly sober, however, you’ll likely want to skip alcohol-filled events this Memorial Day and arrange a get-together with some sober friends instead.

Here are some ideas to help you have a fun and healthy holiday weekend.

  • Fit in exercise. A good sweat session can help you feel more confident in your decision to stay clean and sober – and it will also give you a natural high, which can help minimize any cravings.
  • Plan an easy exit. Some experts suggest telling the host that you may need to leave early and/or asking a trusted friend to be “on call” should you need to leave immediately. Having an exit strategy will help minimize any stress later.
  • Make water your friend. For one, filling your glass with plain or sparking H2O (with or without a wedge of fruit) can help prevent any awkward questions about why you’re not drinking. Plus, water will help you stay hydrated and quell cravings.
  • Create a pocket reminder. Take a small piece of paper and write down a few reasons why you’re thankful you’ve chosen the path to sobriety or what you’ve achieved so far in your recovery – and then put it in your pocket. This way you can take a quick peek should any temptations or cravings arise.

Sober Living & Accountability
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