Positive Mantras for Addiction Recovery

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Leaving rehab and returning home can be overwhelming, intimidating, and frankly nerve-wracking. This transition can induce a lot of anxiety concerning staying sober on your own if you’ll be able to remember your coping strategies and more. A great way to combat these feelings is by remembering a positive mantra and repeating it to yourself as you calm down. Here are mantras to keep in mind when you are feeling overwhelmed and want to stay positive in your recovery.


While this isn’t necessarily a “mantra,” HALT is a great acronym to keep in mind for when you are struggling. HALT stands for hungry, angry, lonely, and tired. When you are feeling overwhelmed and have a craving to use drugs or alcohol again, remember this acronym and go through each letter to ensure you are not feeling any of the words. These are the most common relapse triggers, so remembering HALT and using it in your recovery at home can help you stay on track.

One Day at a Time

If you have been to rehab or an addiction support group, you have most likely heard this mantra said before. A factor of this is the fact that many addicts and their families hold the incorrect belief that healing happens overnight. This is simply not true. Healing takes time and happens gradually. When you find yourself having a difficult day in recovery, remember that today will end and you can try again tomorrow. Don’t hold yourself to staying sober for one month or even one week. Take things day by day and remember that you are healing every second.

Grow Through What You Go Through

Another popular quote not only in recovery circles but also from people in general, this mantra is great for reminding yourself that you are growing through this process. Even when you feel defeated, even when you feel as though you may slip up, you are learning and growing. Life in recovery after rehab is not always peachy. In fact, you will have some really tough times and challenges coming your way. However, reminding yourself that you are making progress and learning from this can remind you why you started in the first place.

What You Think of Me Is None of My Business

It can be hard to return back home after being away at rehab and seeing your friends and family again. You may have anxious thoughts that they are judging you or talking about you because of what you have gone through. You must remember though that what they think about you is none of your business. Other people’s thoughts are not facts and you shouldn’t treat them as such. If someone has something negative to say about you, that is their problem and responsibility. Simply say thank you and continue on in your life. As long as you feel good and are progressing in your recovery, you shouldn’t care what others say. 

Make a Habit of Doing the Right Thing

Even when you are feeling down, there is no excuse for engaging in actions that hurt yourself or others. Learning to regulate your emotions and control yourself even in the face of despair and anger is a powerful virtue and skill. By doing the right thing even if it is not directly beneficial for you will help you heal in powerful ways. You will notice your progress and be proud of yourself after your actions as well. 

I Know Good Things Are Coming Because I’m Making Them Happen

When you accept that you and you alone are in control of your destiny and healing process, you will begin to make better decisions in your recovery. You have full responsibility for what direction your life will take, and you can ensure that good things will come if you are progressing and moving forward. Setbacks will occur, but you should always remember that by pushing past the hurt and the pain, you will come out stronger than ever and bring happiness to your life. 

Every Day in Every Way, I am Getting Better

Progress is progress no matter how small. Even if all you did was get out of bed and eat a healthy meal, that is still a step in the right direction. There will be days when you feel down and unable to put forth a lot of effort into recovery. That’s okay. Try to do one thing each day. It can be a simple task but it should be one that propels you forward. By doing one little thing every day that is beneficial to your recovery, you will be getting better. This mantra can be powerful when you feel hopeless by reminding you that you are always learning and healing. 


Having a list of mantras saved for the tough days in recovery after rehab can help you stay on track. There will be days that you feel as though you cannot make it through, but having something to repeat in your head that is positive and encouraging to your recovery will help. These mantras are popular and motivational, perfect for reminding you of all the good sobriety can bring if you stick with it. At Northstar Transitions, we want to provide our clients with proper tools for life after rehab. These tools don’t always have to be clinical and complicated. Mantras as simple as these can help boost your confidence and motivation in recovery. Having them written somewhere you see every day can serve as a daily reminder of everything you are capable of. Call us today at (303) 558-6400 for further information. There is always motivation to be found in recovery.