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Addictions Treated at Our Rehab Center

NorthStar Transitions treats a wide range of addictions. NorthStar has treated addictions including alcoholism, heroin addiction, prescription drug addiction, meth addiction, cocaine addiction and others. At NorthStar the treatment does not focus on the particular drug of abuse the client is presenting to treatment for. Rather, NorthStar focuses on the underlying causes of addiction that lead a client to use drugs and alcohol in the first place.

Many clients begin using drugs and alcohol because of trauma, low self-esteem, genetic predisposition, stress, injury, anxiety etc. Generally a client seeks to self-medicate their emotional pain with drugs and alcohol and eventually ends up dependent or “addicted” to the substance. Many clients will use drugs and alcohol for several years or even decades to mask the emotional pain without ever healing (or possibly even realizing) the root cause of their addiction.

NorthStar Transitions seeks to break this pattern of substance abuse and dependence by healing the wounds that led to drug and alcohol use in the first place. So, regardless of the substance used or “drug of choice,” NorthStar Transitions will be able to effectively treat your substance abuse issue in addition to most co-occurring mental health issues.