Alcoholism & Withdrawal: What you need to know

Alcoholism & Withdrawal: What you need to know According to a new report from the Centers For Disease Control & Prevention, 2,200 Americans die each year from alcohol poisoning.  That

NorthStar Colorado Sober Living and Addiction Treatment Center Expands to Denver

NorthStar Transitions, Colorado’s premier sober living and substance abuse rehab program is expanding to Denver. Although NorthStar has treated clients in the Denver area for the past several years, we

SoberLink: Colorado Sober Living and Drug Rehab Sobriety Monitoring

NorthStar Transitions, Colorado’s premier drug rehab aftercare and sober living program, is proud to announce the addition of the Soberlink sobriety monitoring system as the newest tool in our sobriety

Need a Drug or Alcohol Addiction Intervention in Denver Colorado? We Can Help.

If you have a loved one in need of treatment who is unwilling to go then you are in a difficult situation. I know because I have worked with hundreds

Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Colorado Drug Rehab Program

If you or a loved one are looking for a Colorado drug rehab program, this blog post will provide you with some information on the available Colorado drug rehab program

NorthStar Colorado Sober Living Annual Aspen Ski Trip

NorthStar Transitions just got back from its annual ski trip to Aspen which is hosted by Phoenix Multisport, Jaywalker Lodge and CeDAR. Colorado sober living at its finest. We had

Denver Recovery Coach

What is a recovery coach? This blog post explains the role of a Denver recovery coach, how a recovery coach is different from a therapist, and how recovery coaches help

Denver Drug Rehab, Denver Sober Living and Insurance Coverage

If you or a loved on are looking into a Denver drug rehab or Denver sober living program and have insurance benefits, you may be interested to know why some

Denver Heroin Addiction Treatment & Detox Centers

Are you or a loved one in need of a Denver heroin detox or Denver alcohol detox? If so this list of Denver heroin detox and Denver alcohol detox centers

Boulder Sober Living Homes

Are you looking for a Boulder sober living home? If so, this blog post will provide you with some information on NorthStar Transitions Boulder sober living homes and Boulder sober