Dealing With Real-Life Problems: Pre-Sobriety vs. Post-Sobriety

Life looks extremely different after you get sober from substance abuse. The ways in which you deal with stress, grief, anger, sadness, and other negative emotions change once you stop

What Do I Do If I Suspect a Loved One Is Using Heroin?

Finding out a loved one may be struggling with addiction can be a troubling time. You may not want to believe it and go through stages of denial, sadness, and

The Importance of Sober Birthdays

Each year, important dates are celebrated to commemorate something important in people’s lives. This includes birthdays, wedding anniversaries, holidays, and more. Sober birthdays should be celebrated too. Sober birthdays signify

How Recovery Will Change You Over Time

When a struggling addict first enters rehab, they are often driven by fear. The fear relates to the damage they have done to their lives as well as what lies

How Does Discomfort Help Recovery?

While everyone has a different opinion of what discomfort means, recovery is difficult for anyone who goes through it. There is a reason deciding to get sober and maintaining that

How to Reach Out for Help When You Are Struggling

As a human, it can be difficult to admit when you are struggling. Vulnerability does not come naturally to most people, which makes it hard to open up about stress

How To Become a Sponsor

Many individuals in recovery seek to give back and help others struggling with addiction the same way other people did for them, and a great way to do this is

Does Organizing Your Room Help With Mental Health?

When you are having a rough time with mental health, it is common to not take care of typical responsibilities such as keeping up with cleaning or organizing. As your

What to Expect When Going Through Withdrawals

In early recovery, the majority of patients undergo detox, which gets rid of all of the toxins in your body to get ready for recovery and sobriety. When withdrawal from

Giving Back in Addiction Recovery

In addiction recovery, it is possible to find your community of like-minded sober people to lean on for support. However, you can also be a source of inspiration for those