Signs Someone You Love May Have a Prescription Drug Addiction

Roughly 2.1 million Americans battled an opioid addiction in 2017 and an average of 115 Americans die every day of an opioid overdose, according to the Centers for Disease Control

4 Healthy Habits to Support Lifelong Recovery 

A big part of lasting recovery is building a new sober life filled with healthy habits. While there are countless habits that can be incorporated into daily life to support

Recognizing the Signs of Job Burnout

Job burnout is a growing problem in the workplace. In fact, according to a study by Harvard Medical School, 96 percent of senior leaders reported feeling burned out to some

Failure-to-Launch Syndrome and Addiction

Many young adults today seem to have difficulty leaving home and beginning an independent life. In fact, there’s even a term for it: failure-to-launch syndrome. In general, young adults with

Benefits of a High Staff to Client Ratio Rehab Facility

Are you or someone you love ready to begin your recovery journey? First of all, congrats. You should be proud of yourself for taking this brave step. At this point,

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A big part of sobriety is learning how to navigate life without drugs and alcohol – and this goes for even the most minor daily tasks. From self-care to stress

The Importance of Peers In Addiction Recovery 

Addiction is often a lonely disease and can cause you to withdraw from the same social support that is needed to stay mentally healthy. Research has linked social support to

Meth Use Rises Among Young, Heroin Use Declines

First, the good news: Heroin use in general in the United States is down, according to the latest annual National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH). In 2015, the

Your Body on Painkillers

By now you know that prescription painkillers are potent and highly addictive. In addition to a high risk of overdose, the abuse of opioids can lead to both short- and

Study: Can Exercise Help Prevent Cocaine Relapse?

Unfortunately, relapse is a common part of recovery from cocaine use disorder – but a little exercise may help, according to researchers from the University of Buffalo. “Cocaine addiction is