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Four C’s in Recovery

A big part of staying sober is creating a new life full of joy, spirit and relaxation. To achieve this it’s essential to develop four core areas of your life,

Building Healthier Habits

For many of us, the start of a new year is often a time when we begin to pay a little more attention to our overall health, perhaps even making a

NorthStar Transitions: In Network with UC Health

You likely already know that our country is in the midst of an opioid epidemic – and Coloradans along the Western Slope are getting hit hard. In Mesa County alone,

Tips to Trust Yourself Again

Relearning how to trust yourself is an important part of a successful recovery. This is because self-trust will help you believe in yourself to endure the hard work of rehab

Head Outdoors for a Healthier Recovery

Colder weather doesn’t have to turn you into a couch potato. And, in fact, a little time spent outdoors can have big benefits on your mental health and outlook and

Ethical Marketing and the Business of Addiction Treatment from an Owners Perspective

This morning I read an article in the New York Times  on digital advertising tactics employed by addiction treatment facilities. This article prompted me to write this blog post to

How Does Meditation Support Long-Term Recovery?

Meditation is becoming a core component at more and more rehabs, with many folks in recovery touting its role in getting and staying sober. In fact, practicing meditation daily has

How Drug Addiction Harms Your Oral Health 

Tooth decay, jaw clenching, gum disease – an addiction to drugs can be devastating to your dental health. One study showed that those with substance use disorders are less likely

How Deep Breathing Can Help Your Recovery

It’s something we do every day and about a half a billion times over the course of our lifetimes – and yet, you likely take it for granted. That’s right: breathing. A

How Indoor Rock Climbing Does Your Recovery Good

Indoor rock climbing is becoming a part of the experiential therapies offered at many addiction treatment centers. This is because many of the lessons learned while scaling the wall can