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Psychodrama Explained

There are many experiential therapies being tried and tested for various mental health concerns. Psychodrama is one of the older forms of these therapies, helping patients gain a new perspective

The Impact of Equine Therapy on Addiction Recovery

In the modern world of addiction recovery, treatments have taken a more holistic turn. Today, treatment programs are seeking to treat the whole person using various experiential therapies. One of

Day Treatment (PHP) for Addiction Explained

Day treatment—or partial hospitalization program (PHP)—is designed for those that don’t need the care of an inpatient program, but need more structure and supervision than an outpatient program. PHPs typically

The Effects of Drug Abuse on the Brain

Your brain is one of the most complex organs in the history of living things. It allows you to do amazing things that no other species can do, such as

Am I An Alcoholic? When Casual Drinking Becomes Alcoholism

In today’s society, drinking is widely accepted as a social activity. It can be hard to go to a social gathering without alcohol being present. For most adults, drinking every

Methods for Preventing Relapse

Many people believe that once you leave rehab, your addiction is cured. This is a widely accepted belief, but it is false. Addiction is a chronic disease that can never

The Importance of Trauma-Informed Therapy in Healing

Trauma is an intense, overwhelming, distressing event in a person’s life that causes prolonged distress as a response. It affects a person’s ability to properly cope. A traumatic experience is

Beyond the Substance: Holistic Addiction Treatment

Holistic addiction treatment is a non-medicinal complement to conventional therapy methods. It is typically referred to as “alternative” medicine and is known to bring the mind, body, and spirit into

How Art Therapy’s Freedom of Expression Helps Addiction Recovery

Art therapy was first used in the 1950s as part of the holistic therapy approach. It is a type of non-confrontational experiential therapy used in short and long term treatments.

Residential Treatment at NorthStar Transitions

NorthStar Transitions is an addiction treatment center located in Boulder, Colorado. They pride themselves on using modern approaches to addiction treatment including evidence-based therapies and experiential therapies. Using these techniques