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Common Pitfalls in Early Recovery

Early recovery is a vulnerable time as you adjust to life without drugs or alcohol. This is partly why relapse is so common – with up to 60% of patients

Keeping Stress in Check

As we mentioned in a previous post, May is Mental Health Month and what better time to talk about stress and how you can take steps today to better manage it.

New Poll Reveals Americans’ Views on Drug Addiction

First, the good news: 53 percent of Americans view drug addiction as a medical problem and most think their local community can do more to address the problem, according to

Alcohol Awareness: How It Affects Your Body

April is Alcohol Awareness Month and what better time to talk about how drinking too much – on a single occasion or overtime – can take a serious toll on

Equine Therapy: How Horses Can Help You Heal

It’s no news that animals are therapeutic and horses are no exception. In fact, horse therapy (equine therapy) has long been used to treat a variety of health conditions, including

Spring Cleaning Your Mind, Body & Spirit

When we think of spring, we often think of reorganizing closets and drawers, washing windows and doors and dusting every inch and corner of our homes. But this season of

Four C’s in Recovery

A big part of staying sober is creating a new life full of joy, spirit and relaxation. To achieve this it’s essential to develop four core areas of your life,

Building Healthier Habits

For many of us, the start of a new year is often a time when we begin to pay a little more attention to our overall health, perhaps even making a

NorthStar Transitions: In Network with UC Health

You likely already know that our country is in the midst of an opioid epidemic – and Coloradans along the Western Slope are getting hit hard. In Mesa County alone,

Tips to Trust Yourself Again

Relearning how to trust yourself is an important part of a successful recovery. This is because self-trust will help you believe in yourself to endure the hard work of rehab