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Seeking Counseling After Recovery

Most treatment centers will recommend post-treatment therapy. There is much research that shows a direct correlation between drug abuse and mental illness. Some people use substances to self-medicate. If this

Mindfulness Therapy in Recovery

Mindfulness has been used for millennia to foster self-awareness. The idea of mindfulness is recognizing internal and external influences on negative emotions and behaviors to give a person the tools

Rebuilding Relationships After Recovery

Drug addiction takes a toll on many people, not just drug users. Often, a person’s behaviors while using alienate them from healthy relationships they once had. And being involved with

Using Evidence-Based Self-Care in Recovery

Self-care is very important in recovering from addiction. Self-care does not replace clinical treatment, it promotes motivation for a successful recovery. While caught in the throes of addiction, we neglect

Understanding Your Habits

Sometimes, toxic habits turn into addictions. Casual, social drinking may turn to drinking daily by yourself. Using substances to self-medicate can easily turn into an addiction. Using drugs floods the

The Connection Between Mental Health and Addiction

There is substantial research that shows a direct correlation between drug abuse and mental illness. Mental illnesses such as anxiety, personality disorders, and depression show a high association with substance

Dealing with Cravings Post-Treatment

Dealing with cravings after drug treatment can seem very difficult for a lot of people. The urge to use or to continue with the same unhealthy behaviors seems more like

The Risk of Relapse

Recovery from substance use disorders can be a perpetual process for some. In fact, some former users will say they are recovering addicts, rather than that they are recovered. This