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What To Do Once Rehab Ends

When you complete a rehab program, you are sure to be filled with excitement, happiness, anxiety, and more for what is to come. You may be unsure what the next

What To Do If Your Family Doesn’t Support Your Recovery

Finishing a rehab program is a huge accomplishment that commonly comes with a celebration from friends and family. However, not everyone has the privilege of having family members that are

Going Back To School After Rehab

Completing a rehab program is a major accomplishment in your journey to recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. However, you may be nervous as to what lies ahead for you

How Does Alumni Support Help Addiction Recovery?

The world of addiction recovery is vast. It is constantly growing by the help of those who have gone through treatment and now maintain their own sobriety and help others

The Importance of Sober Birthdays

Each year, important dates are celebrated to commemorate something important in people’s lives. This includes birthdays, wedding anniversaries, holidays, and more. Sober birthdays should be celebrated too. Sober birthdays signify

How To Become a Sponsor

Many individuals in recovery seek to give back and help others struggling with addiction the same way other people did for them, and a great way to do this is

Giving Back in Addiction Recovery

In addiction recovery, it is possible to find your community of like-minded sober people to lean on for support. However, you can also be a source of inspiration for those

8 Tips for Maintaining Sobriety During Quarantine

No one expected for the entire world to shut down at the beginning of 2020- it was supposed to be a new decade full of new opportunities, adventures, and living

Understanding How Your Addiction Affects Your Children

Addiction is a family disease that causes damage to the addict themselves and also to their loved ones that are close to them. It can cause relationships to break due

Understanding Why Connection Is Vital to Addiction Recovery

When you are suffering from addiction, it can be easy to feel isolated and alone. You often want to hide your actions from loved ones and relationships are too easily