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Sober Living for Women

After completing primary treatment for substance misuse, it can seem overwhelming to leave the safety of your NorthStar therapists and recovery community. Our sober living program for women is designed to ease this transition, providing independence with “guardrails” that include sober accountability partners, monitored drug testing, and 12-step group participation. In the context of a sober home, women of all ages build friendships, enjoy recreation, find respite from trauma, and grow into a life of flourishing sobriety.

Why Choose Gender-Specific Sober Living?

Male-female relationships can be complicated. Women-only sober communities allow residents to focus on continued recovery without the unnecessary distraction of co-ed friendships or dating scenarios. Single-gender living environments also enable women to be vulnerable, express themselves more fully and work through concerns they would not be comfortable mentioning in a mixed group.

Benefits of NorthStar’s Sober Living Partnership

NorthStar Transitions gives clients the opportunity to reside in women-only sober houses while continuing treatment for chemical dependency. Our sober communities are centrally located with bus and bicycle access to the University of Colorado campus as well as grocery stores, retailers, restaurants and entertainment venues. Facility amenities include, but are not limited to:

  • Renovated private or semi-private rooms
  • Queen beds with luxury linens
  • Beautifully updated bathrooms
  • Premium cable & wireless service
  • Cell phone & computer use
  • Generous weekly grocery budget
  • Well-equipped food prep areas
  • Gym/recreation center membership
  • Transportation to day treatment or IOP
  • Use of SoberLink breathalyzers for accountability

NorthStar’s sober living program provides a stable home base for completing rehab, pursuing employment or furthering coursework. During free time, women participate in house meetings, share household chores, and engage in activities with roommates and the recovery community at large. Choose from yoga and fitness classes, cooking classes, hiking and camping, and other recreational opportunities that enhance self-worth and help participants embrace a lifestyle conducive to long-term wellness.

Enroll in Sober Living for Women

Ask a NorthStar Transitions team member how you can experience the social support and fellowship of a gender-specific sober living home. To take a tour of our spacious, beautifully appointed facilities for women, call 303.558.6400 today or request help online. A member of the NorthStar team will be in touch to answer questions about transitional living and discuss the leasing process.

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