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Boulder Sober Living Homes

NorthStar Transitions LLC works closely with Boulder Sober Living to provide Boulder sober living homes to clients enrolled in the NorthStar Transitions program. NorthStar Transitions clients and guarantors are required to enter into a lease agreement with Boulder Sober Living separate from the services agreement entered into with NorthStar Transitions. NorthStar Transitions clients have the option of living in a Boulder Sober Living home but may choose to live in their own residence.

Boulder Sober Living operates several sober living homes in the City of Boulder. Each of the Boulder sober living homes is centrally located in the City of Boulder within walking distance of the NorthStar Transitions clinical office, the University of Colorado, grocery stores, gyms etc. All of the Boulder sober living homes are located on the bus line to provide easy transport to downtown Boulder and the Pearl Street Mall.

Boulder Sober Living homes are newly renovated and updated. All sober living homes are fully furnished including all cookware, utensils etc. All utilities, cable and wifi are included at each Boulder Sober Living home. Each client is provided an $80.00 grocery card each week and an unlimited pass to the local recreation center. Clients may begin in a shared room and transition to a private room with seniority based on availability.

Boulder Sober Living Amenities:

  • Private and semi-private rooms
  • Queen sized beds with luxury bedding
  • Updated and renovated accomodations
  • Premium cable and wifi
  • Cell phone and computer allowed
  • $80.00 per week grocery card
  • Unlimited pass to recreation center (gym)
  • Centrally located the City of Boulder
  • Most homes within 1 mile of University of Colorado Boulder campus
  • Rides to PHP/IOP provided
  • SoberLink breathalyzer device at each house for additional accountability

Clients are actively encouraged to be in school and/or working full-time while residing in sober living.

Boulder Sober living clients are required to participate in outpatient addiction treatment and drug and alcohol testing while residing in sober living. Additionally, Boulder Sober Living clients are required to participate in a house meeting each week and to perform household chores throughout the week such as cleaning the kitchen, living room, snow shoveling etc. A house manager checks on Boulder Sober Living clients several times each day to help ensure clients adherence to house rules. The house manager also enforces curfew and facilitates weekly house meetings.

Boulder Sober Living requires a minimum 90 day lease agreement. Boulder Sober Living charges a $3,000.00 per month fee for sober living and a $500.00 refundable security deposit upon move in. Health insurance does not cover the cost of sober living housing.  For more information on Boulder sober living homes, please e-mail