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Muscle Memory for Healing: Addiction Recovery

Addiction is a chronic disease that can rewire your brain by hijacking the reward circuit to produce more of the feel-good chemicals, causing the brain to crave drugs or alcohol

How Do You Stay Positive In Early Recovery?

Addiction often develops out of the negative parts of life. Drugs and alcohol become a way to cope when someone goes through loss, sadness, grief, anger, depression, anxiety, and more.

How Does Addiction Change Your Personality?

It is no secret that addiction has a significant impact on your brain. In fact, addiction rewires your brain by causing an imbalance of neurotransmitters. This affects your brain’s reward

What Do I Do If I Suspect a Loved One Is Using Heroin?

Finding out a loved one may be struggling with addiction can be a troubling time. You may not want to believe it and go through stages of denial, sadness, and

How To Become a Sponsor

Many individuals in recovery seek to give back and help others struggling with addiction the same way other people did for them, and a great way to do this is

What to Expect When Going Through Withdrawals

In early recovery, the majority of patients undergo detox, which gets rid of all of the toxins in your body to get ready for recovery and sobriety. When withdrawal from

Should I Detox from Alcohol at Home or Have Medical Supervision?

When you have been using alcohol to cope and have decided to detox and start healing, the first question will often be about where you should detox. Some people lean

Tips for Overcoming Social Anxiety

Every person has experienced anxiety in public. However, not everyone has debilitating, intense episodes of fear and anxiety because of a public performance. These performances don’t need to be as

8 Tips for Maintaining Sobriety During Quarantine

No one expected for the entire world to shut down at the beginning of 2020- it was supposed to be a new decade full of new opportunities, adventures, and living

Addiction Treatment Services Lack Funding

While the nation continues to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, addiction and mental health disorders should be in the spotlight. The public health crisis has affected the lives of every American