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Addiction Amongst Active Duty Military & Veterans

The stresses of military life can take their toll on the brave men and women that defend the United States. There is a zero-tolerance policy for drugs while enlisted in

What Role Does Family Counseling Play in Addiction Treatment?

For those suffering from addiction, going to treatment can be a daunting decision. It can be difficult to seek help for yourself, delving deep into your own demons and overcoming

Evidence-Based Treatments for Addiction

In today’s world of addiction treatment, there is a combined use of evidence-based and experiential treatments. Both have numerous benefits for those in recovery. However, only the evidence-based treatments have

Understanding Why Connection Is Vital to Addiction Recovery

When you are suffering from addiction, it can be easy to feel isolated and alone. You often want to hide your actions from loved ones and relationships are too easily

The Difference Between a Habit & an Addiction

When an individual takes up a new hobby or activity that becomes a habit, it can be difficult to know when they cross the line into making it an addiction.

What Are the Differences Between Traditional & Modern Addiction Treatments?

In today’s world of highly developed medicine and cures for many diseases, there are endless possibilities for feeling better. Addiction, unfortunately, cannot be cured, but it can be treated over

Who Is the Most At-Risk For Drug & Alcohol Addiction?

Addiction can affect anyone, pulling them into its darkness as the disease progresses. However, there are risk factors that place certain individuals at a higher risk of substance abuse. While

The Impact of Equine Therapy on Addiction Recovery

In the modern world of addiction recovery, treatments have taken a more holistic turn. Today, treatment programs are seeking to treat the whole person using various experiential therapies. One of

Family Members of Addicts: The Enabler

Addiction is a disease that impacts each member of a family unit in a different way. Family members often take on different roles in their relation to the addict once

Day Treatment (PHP) for Addiction Explained

Day treatment—or partial hospitalization program (PHP)—is designed for those that don’t need the care of an inpatient program, but need more structure and supervision than an outpatient program. PHPs typically