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Songs to Listen to for Motivation in Recovery

There is a reason music is used to help humans heal from difficult times. Music can improve psychological functions in humans, such as regulating a person’s mood and encouraging relaxation.

What To Do If Your Family Doesn’t Support Your Recovery

Finishing a rehab program is a huge accomplishment that commonly comes with a celebration from friends and family. However, not everyone has the privilege of having family members that are

How Does Addiction Change Your Personality?

It is no secret that addiction has a significant impact on your brain. In fact, addiction rewires your brain by causing an imbalance of neurotransmitters. This affects your brain’s reward

How Recovery Will Change You Over Time

When a struggling addict first enters rehab, they are often driven by fear. The fear relates to the damage they have done to their lives as well as what lies

Giving Back in Addiction Recovery

In addiction recovery, it is possible to find your community of like-minded sober people to lean on for support. However, you can also be a source of inspiration for those

The Importance of Trauma-Informed Therapy in Healing

Trauma is an intense, overwhelming, distressing event in a person’s life that causes prolonged distress as a response. It affects a person’s ability to properly cope. A traumatic experience is

How Art Therapy’s Freedom of Expression Helps Addiction Recovery

Art therapy was first used in the 1950s as part of the holistic therapy approach. It is a type of non-confrontational experiential therapy used in short and long term treatments.

How Do Healing Crystals Help Those in Recovery for Drug & Alcohol Addiction?

Today, more holistic approaches to healing are being taken to aid in addiction recovery. Treatment centers around the country have begun using “alternative” treatment methods alongside medical therapies to give

What Role Can Nature Play in Addiction Recovery?

Nature can serve as a vital space of healing for those who are recovering from addiction. According to a study done by the University of Plymouth, the exposure to “green

Rebuilding Relationships After Recovery

Drug addiction takes a toll on many people, not just drug users. Often, a person’s behaviors while using alienate them from healthy relationships they once had. And being involved with