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The Impact of Equine Therapy on Addiction Recovery

In the modern world of addiction recovery, treatments have taken a more holistic turn. Today, treatment programs are seeking to treat the whole person using various experiential therapies. One of

Repairing Relationships as a Recovering Addict

Addiction is a chronic, self-preserving disease that not only affects those who are drinking or using substances, but also those around the person as well. It is very much a

Finding & Maintaining a Job After Addiction Treatment

Studies have shown that finding a job after leaving rehab puts you at a lower risk for relapse. However, finding a job can seem like a difficult task for someone

Developing & Maintaining a Healthy Daily Schedule in Recovery

Cultivating and maintaining a daily routine in recovery is crucial to staying on track. This is why treatment programs such as rehab have a structured routine. Many programs include schedules

Post-Addiction & Self Discovery: Learning To Love Yourself Again

For those recovering from addiction, it can be a difficult process to grasp the concept of self-love. This is because recovering addicts often feel guilt or shame associated with past

How Do Healing Crystals Help Those in Recovery for Drug & Alcohol Addiction?

Today, more holistic approaches to healing are being taken to aid in addiction recovery. Treatment centers around the country have begun using “alternative” treatment methods alongside medical therapies to give

Using Acupuncture for Detox & Addiction Recovery

What Is Acupuncture? Acupuncture comes from traditional Chinese culture and has been used for thousands of years. Beginning in the 1970s, it started being used as a treatment for addiction

Codependency in Married Couples

Whether couples use together or not, many couples dealing with substance use disorders exhibit behaviors of codependency. This is especially true for the spouse who does not use drugs. Although

Seeking Counseling After Recovery

Most treatment centers will recommend post-treatment therapy. There is much research that shows a direct correlation between drug abuse and mental illness. Some people use substances to self-medicate. If this

Why Do People Relapse?

After a successful recovery, there is sometimes looming anxiety about relapse. Urges and cravings may not have completely subsided, and being out of treatment and managing these issues alone may