Need a Drug or Alcohol Addiction Intervention in Denver Colorado? We Can Help.

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If you have a loved one in need of treatment who is unwilling to go then you are in a difficult situation. I know because I have worked with hundreds of families in this situation. Generally, one of two things is preventing the family member from seeking treatment: they are flat out unwilling or they have someone in their life who is enabling them to continue on with their addiction or alcohol use. This could look like a parent who is scared to let their child figure things out on their own by kicking them out of the house and cutting off financial support. Or, it could look like a significant other who undercuts the effort of the family.

The point of a drug intervention or alcohol intervention is not to confront or chastise the client or the enabling family members. Rather, the point of an effective Denver drug intervention or alcohol intervention is to educate the client and the family separately so that when the intervention is staged, it is successful. Thus, successful drug and alcohol interventions hinge on thoughtful and thorough preparation. The actual act of the intervention is just a formality.

Just as important as an effective intervention is a smooth transition into an appropriate drug and alcohol rehab center. NorthStar’s Denver drug intervention team will consist of a licensed Professional Counselor with a Certified Addiction Counseling license level II or above so that the client can be appropriately assessed and a clinically sound and appropriate placement can be made. In addition, NorthStar will leverage its knowledge and connections in the treatment industry nationwide to locate the most appropriate form of treatment for the client at a cost the client can afford. NorthStar will put you in touch with a point person in the admissions department and will assist in insurance benefit verification. NorthStar can offer this superior service due to traveling 4-6 months each year visiting treatment centers, getting to see them in person and meet their staff, and traveling all over the country and going to professional networking conferences from California to Massachusetts each year to keep abreast of new developments at different drug and alcohol treatment centers.

If you have a loved one in need of a Denver drug addiction intervention or Denver alcohol intervention, call the intervention experts at NorthStar. To date, we have a 100% success rate in getting clients into treatment.