NorthStar Transitions is committed to providing the best for our clients, and that doesn’t end once you’ve completed one of our treatment programs. We know that recovery is an ongoing process. For most people, the first few years after rehab are often the hardest, but the support of others can help you deal with stressors, triggers and other real-world challenges that could jeopardize your sobriety. That’s why we give former clients a place where they can connect with others who understand what they're going through. Whether you're struggling to adjust to life without drugs or alcohol, need some advice, or simply want to talk, our alumni program lets you re-engage with the NorthStar community to help you thrive in your recovery. 

What is an alumni Program?

Isolation nurtures addiction and mental illness. When you’re disconnected from your friends or family, it can magnify harmful behaviors and undermine your recovery. But community and a sense of belonging have the opposite effect, with studies showing that individuals who stay connected through an aftercare program have better long-term outcomes than those who don’t. They’re less likely to relapse and find it easier to transition back into the real world with ongoing support from others.

An alumni program is a way for clients to stay involved with their recovery community after treatment. While treatment programming is crucial to helping individuals get clean and sober, the real work begins once you return home. It is there you’ll continue mastering the healthy coping skills, habits, and behaviors necessary for a drug-free lifestyle, but this can be hard to do on your own. It takes time to learn how to avoid relapse triggers and change your mindset. Alumni groups connect you with peers and other individuals who can help you stay on the right path and avoid some of the pitfalls of early recovery, giving you the strength, encouragement, and confidence to keep making positive changes in your life.

How Can an Alumni Program Help My Recovery?

Alumni programs can benefit your recovery in several ways. First, they allow you to choose how often you want to participate, without any guilt or pressure from other members. At NorthStar Transitions, you can join our alumni group for every meeting or only go once a month if that suits you better. You can also opt to go in person or attend one of our virtual events. Whatever you decide, you will always have a dedicated recovery community available for support, connection, and friendship whenever you need it.

Alumni programs also help with relapse prevention. During recovery, relapse can happen for a number of reasons, including triggers, cravings or the stress of readjusting to daily life. Regardless of what you’re dealing with, alumni groups are full of members who have been in your shoes. Not only will they offer advice and guidance to help you overcome these challenges with your sobriety intact, but you’ll also be able to lean on them for support when things get tough. If you have relapsed, alumni programs keep you connected to your treatment center, providers, and other professionals who can help you get back on track.

Finally, alumni programs provide empathy, camaraderie, and fellowship. Addiction is a complex disease, and only those that have experienced it themselves can truly understand what you’re going through. Being a part of an alumni group brings you together with peers who have walked a similar path, so they can relate to the issues you’re facing. You’ll be able to talk more freely and ask for their honest insights or opinion regarding your situation, which can help you get through the bad days. When things are going well, you'll also have an opportunity to celebrate your successes, milestones, and other achievements with your group.

Other benefits of an alumni program include:

  • Keeps you connected with your recovery community
  • Fun, sober activities
  • Ongoing support from peers and professionals
  • Meaningful advice from group members
  • Allows you to practice your new coping and relapse prevention skills
  • Reduced feelings of isolation and loneliness
  • Fosters a sense of accountability
  • Share your successes and inspire others

What to Expect From NorthStar’s Alumni Program

Our alumni program is evolving and expanding. We now offer multiple opportunities for clients to get involved every month and reconnect with each other in meaningful ways. From regular check-in groups where you can find support, guidance, and a sense of fellowship, to more focused topic groups that address specific challenges, our alumni program is a great place to keep in touch with a consistent recovery community. We also host sober events and activities for group members, including dinner and music nights, where clients can get together to relax or socialize. Whether you’re looking for advice or simply want to talk, touching base with your peers and surrounding yourself with positive influences can enrich your life and help you stay sober, no matter what you’re going through.

Some of the ways you can engage with our alumni program include:

  • Regular check-in groups
  • Ongoing recovery support
  • Structured sober activities
  • Educational workshops
  • Annual reunions
  • Group forums
  • Virtual events
  • Social media hangouts
  • Fundraising and volunteer opportunities
  • Resources for when you’re struggling (hotlines, referrals, meetings, etc.) 

Here at NorthStar, we also recognize that a significant part of recovery is maintaining healthy relationships with our families and other supporters who have been there for us as we worked through our past issues. That’s why we offer opportunities for friends and family members to join in on our alumni programming, so they too can begin the healing process and gain the knowledge and experience to become a more tangible part of our recovery communities. Together, we can reestablish feelings of trust, love and hope that have been jeopardized by addictive behavior and rebuild healthier relationships.

Participation in our alumni programming is flexible, so you can take advantage of scheduled events and activities as often or as little as you’d like. We know that not everyone can attend every meeting due to scheduling conflicts, distance, and other restrictions, but the support will be there when you need it. We remain focused on providing aftercare resources for any individual who has completed treatment at NorthStar. 

Finding Recovery & Health in the Rocky Mountains

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