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Treatment for drug and alcohol dependency or a dual diagnosis is multi-faceted. As you decide on a Colorado recovery center, it is important to consider the facility’s experience and approach, as well as its clinical practices, location, amenities and staff accreditations.

At NorthStar Transitions, we offer individualized drug and alcohol treatment that is scientifically sound and evidence based. Studies show that this type of intervention offers the best chance at sustained recovery. A reputable staff of certified clinicians, addiction specialists and board-certified psychiatrists help men and women manage substance misuse disorders and co-occurring behavioral disorders, when needed. To complement our clinical offerings, NorthStar provides experiential therapies, exercise and leisure opportunities, and educational or vocational support tailored to your unique circumstances.

NorthStar is licensed by the Colorado Department of Human Services Office of Behavioral Health, and accredited by the Joint Commission on Healthcare Organizations. Our licensure and accreditation hinges on our compliance with the industry’s highest standard of care.

The Colorado Lifestyle

The Denver-Boulder metro area is a mecca for millennials, tech-savvy professionals, business start-ups and mountain lovers. With nearly 300 days of annual sunshine, 50+ mountains over 14,000 feet, and countless miles of paved trails, our beautiful state beckons you to unequaled adventure. NorthStar Transitions clients enjoy skiing and snowboarding, fishing, hiking and biking, and one of the most wellness-focused populations in the country. City dwellers appreciate Denver’s thriving performing arts scene, as well as its shopping venues, museums, restaurants and cultural programs.

Mind, Body & Spirit Healing

NorthStar is a sanctuary where men and women commit themselves to a whole-person recovery. Taking into account the physical, emotional, mental and relational impact of substance misuse, we have developed addiction programs that touch on each of these areas. Your recovery is a tailored blend of group and individual therapy, holistic modalities for symptom treatment, health and wellness training, nutrition and exercise programming, and more.

The Lodge at NorthStar – Men’s Residential Treatment Center

Begin Your Healing Journey in the Heart of Colorado

At NorthStar Transitions, we know it can be challenging to navigate the real world after rehab. Alumni programs are a great way to stay connected with your peers and find the support you need to maintain lifelong sobriety. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, contact or call us today at 303-625-6335 to learn more about our recovery solutions and how they can help.

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