NorthStar Colorado Sober Living and Addiction Treatment Center Expands to Denver

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NorthStar Transitions, Colorado’s premier sober living and substance abuse rehab program is expanding to Denver. Although NorthStar has treated clients in the Denver area for the past several years, we have formalized our operations in Denver by renting office space in Cherry Creek right next to the Cherry Creek Mall.

What differentiates NorthStar from other Denver sober living and drug and alcohol rehab programs is the highly individualized treatment that each NorthStar client receives. While other substance abuse treatment programs focus on group therapy and activities, NorthStar clients are placed on a team with a dedicated Life Skills Counselor who provides up to 21 hours per week of one-on-one case-management and mentoring in addition to a dedicated individual therapist, a separate dedicated family therapist who holds a LMT credential, and if needed a board certified addiction psychiatrist. Together, NorthStar’s Life Skills Coaches, clinicians and psychiatrists spend up to 24 hours per week focusing one-on-one on the needs of the individual client. This is in addition to the group activities we do such as AA or NA meeting attendance, Phoenix Multipsort, ski trips, hikes etc.

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Because of NorthStar’s highly individualized approach, our clients get the exact level of treatment they need from day one in the NorthStar program. If you or a loved one is in need of a Denver substance abuse drug or alcohol rehab program or Denver sober living home, contact NorthStar Transitions today to see how we can help. 303-558-6400 or