SoberLink: Colorado Sober Living and Drug Rehab Sobriety Monitoring

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NorthStar Transitions, Colorado’s premier drug rehab aftercare and sober living program, is proud to announce the addition of the Soberlink sobriety monitoring system as the newest tool in our sobriety monitoring arsenal. NorthStar has already been recognized as utilizing cutting-edge drug and alcohol testing technology in the media such as’s article on NorthStar’s use of the drug and alcohol testing laboratory at The University of Colorado Medical School. Now with Soberlink, NorthStar will be able to compliment the use of CU toxicology’s comprehensive screens with convenient daily or twice daily breathalyzer tests.

Soberlink ( offers a breathalyzer product where a client can self administer a breathalyzer test from the convenience of their own home. At the same time the client blows into the tube, the soberlink device takes a photo of the client in real-time. This photo, along with the results of the test, are then e-mailed to a pre-determined monitor. This soberlink sobriety monitoring solution allows NorthStar to easily monitor the sobriety of its clients and receive up to the minute accurate information.

The SoberLink device will be a tool used for certain clients living in the NorthStar Boulder sober living homes and Denver sober living homes in addition to clients who have graduated NorthStar’s substance abuse treatment program and are now living on their own.

To inquire about using Soberlink or enrolling in NorthStar’s Colorado sober living program, please e-mail or call 1-888-787-9377.