Why Choose Boulder, Colorado for Drug and Alcohol Treatment?

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Boulder, Colorado is a rapidly growing city of approximately 320,000,000 residents. Boulder has consistently been ranked as “most educated”, “healthiest”, “happiest” and “most livable” cities in the United States. Boulder is also one of the safest, most beautiful and economically strong cities in the country. So, given all the data, the real question is: why wouldn’t you want to come to Boulder, Colorado for drug and alcohol treatment?

Boulder boasts a top research university (CU Boulder) many large and small employers (including Google, Sendgrid, IBM, Ball Aerospace, Lockheed Martin to name a few). Boulder is flush with tech companies, biopharma, natural foods, fitness, app development and other hot companies. If you are a young person looking to enter the job market, you would be hard-pressed to find a better location than Boulder to do so.

Additionally, Boulder is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream destination. The summer and fall allow for hiking, biking and running on endless trails. Winter months allow for world-class snowboarding only a short drive away.

Boulder has a thriving young people’s recovery community. Boulder is where Phoenix Multisport (2012 CNN Hero) was founded. Young people’s AA and NA meeting routinely have overflowing attendance.

So why drug and alcohol treatment in Boulder? If you are looking to obtain recovery AND build a new life for yourself in recovery while you do so, there is no better place. Get sober, finish your education, intern in a hot career field, improve your physical fitness and do it all while enjoying the beautiful scenery and restaurants of Boulder, CO. Going anywhere else for drug and alcohol treatment is selling yourself short.