Boulder sober living homes-will insurance cover the cost?

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Most people seek to use their health insurance benefits to cover the cost of substance abuse treatment. After all, drug and alcohol addiction is a medical condition and the treatment for addiction often lasts several months or years and can be very expensive. With this in mind, will insurance cover the cost of Boulder sober living?

In a primary residential addiction treatment setting, room and board is covered by most private insurance. Room and board is generally included in the per diem rate billed to insurance for residential drug and alcohol treatment.

However, drug and alcohol rehab centers are required to obtain prior authorization for all services and insurance companies will typically only approve 10-30 days of residential drug and alcohol treatment. And, only treatment centers with a license to offer residential treatment are able to bill insurance for that service. After the insurance company drops the client to a lower level of care (i.e. PHP or IOP) room and board is no longer included in the per diem rate.

NorthStar Transitions drug and alcohol treatment program is not intended to be a primary residential treatment center. Although our level of care is appropriate for some who have never been to treatment before, many of our clients come to our drug and alcohol rehab program directly from a primary residential substance abuse treatment center. Therefore, private insurance does not pay for room and board at our level of care (PHP, IOP, OP).

NorthStar Transitions has recently partnered with NorthStar Sober Living LLC (NSL) to offer Boulder sober living homes to those enrolled in the NorthStar Transitions (NST) treatment program. Being able to offer Boulder sober living homes to NST’s client’s is very important since many of NST’s clients are either arriving from out of town and need a safe and structured Boulder sober living environment to live in while obtaining treatment or because the client’s prior living situation may not have been conducive to the client’s sobriety.

NSL’s Boulder sober living homes offer high-end luxury accommodations centrally located in the city of Boulder. All homes are updated and renovated. Residents typically begin their stay in a shared room and then move into a private room with seniority. All residents receive an $80.00 per week grocery store food card. Most of NSL’s homes are located off of Moorhead Ave in Boulder which is in walking distance of NST’s clinical office, CU Boulder and directly on the bus line to downtown. NSL residents perform chores, abide by house rules including curfew and have weekly house meetings for accountability. A house manager does regular housing checks to ensure client’s adherence to rules.

Unfortunately, private insurance does not cover the cost of NSL’s Boulder sober living homes. NSL’s sober living homes are priced competitively given the accommodations, location etc. For more information about NSL’s Boulder sober living homes, contact us and we will put you in touch with the NSL management team.