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Are you a student at the University of Colorado or the parent of a student at the University of Colorado? Do you or your loved one have a drug addiction, alcohol addiction or other substance abuse issue? If so, this blog post may be help you to find the resources you need to get back on track.



The University of Colorado has a student counseling center at Wardenburg Health Center on the University of Colorado campus. Wardenburg offers a variety of substance abuse counseling options including assessment, individual therapy and referrals to community resources.

Although the University of Colorado provides an excellent resource to students through its Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) program, the University is not equipped to provide clients more intensive substance abuse treatment services that may be needed by University of Colorado students.

NorthStar Transitions is able to provide a higher level of care to students of the University of Colorado who need more intensive substance abuse treatment services than the CAPS program is able to offer. NorthStar Transitions offers a 30 hour per week day treatment program which includes group and individual therapy as well as addiction psychiatry. Additionally, NorthStar Transitions offers Intensive Outpatient (IOP) substance abuse treatment to CU students who wish to continue attending classes during the day but need the extra accountability of attending group therapy 3 evenings per week.

In addition to our Day Treatment and Intensive Outpatient programs, NorthStar Transitions offers sober living homes convenient to the University of Colorado campus in conjunction with its partner organization, NorthStar Sober Living LLC. Boulder sober living homes provide a monitored sober living environment where students can focus on their sobriety without temptation of roommates or living in the dorms, on “the hill” or in a fraternity or sorority house. All clients of NorthStar Transitions are drug and alcohol tested several times each week to ensure sobriety.

NorthStar Transitions is in-network with the CU gold insurance plan. If you have the CU gold insurance plan, NorthStar Transitions services are covered subject to deductible and coinsurance.

For admission information please call 303-558-6400.