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sober summer activitiesSummer fun takes on a whole new meaning for those in recovery. This is because extra daylight, long weekends, sunny vacations and backyard barbecues can pose extra challenges. For example, extra daylight can lead to more free time – which, for many, can cause cravings for drugs or alcohol. Or, if you decide to travel far from your support system, it’s easy to convince yourself that it’s okay to have “just one drink.” Not to mention the presence of alcohol at many pool parties and barbecues.

To prevent relapse, it’s important to be proactive and this means having a list of sober activities to stay busy. Take a look at our ideas below – and make your own list of to-dos to tick off before the end of the summer. And, remember, don’t hesitate to reach out to your support network if you feel like something is threatening your hard-won sobriety.

Sober To-Dos This Summer

  • Be a tourist in your town or city for a day.
  • Check out local fairs and festivals.
  • Try something new, like a new recipe, running route or knitting project.
  • Get involved in a game of frisbee in the park.
  • Sign up for outdoor exercise sessions.
  • Go for a morning hike or bike ride.
  • Go fishing.
  • Arrange a weekend camping trip.
  • Sign up for a challenging event — like a 5K.
  • Join your local library and check out a new book.
  • Start a blog or journal.
  • Try a yoga or Pilates class.
  • Test out a meditation app, like Headspace.
  • Have a picnic in the park.
  • Clean out a messy drawer or closet.
  • Go for a massage.
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen or animal shelter
  • Find a peaceful indoor or outdoor spot and paint, color or draw.
  • Plant some fresh herbs (basil, sage, rosemary, parsley) or vegetables for healthy cooking.

Thriving in Recovery
At NorthStar, we specialize in helping newly recovered individuals really embrace and find fulfillment through engaging in new and uplifting activities while sober. To learn more, call: 303-625-6335.


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