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Relearning how to trust yourself is an important part of a successful recovery. This is because self-trust will help you believe in yourself to endure the hard work of rehab and make you less likely to give up on yourself and your journey toward sobriety.

An article on described self-trust like “having an internal GPS system: you know where to go next, you trust your decisions both big and small, and you’re willing to take risks. You won’t fear failure or making mistakes because your sense of self isn’t externally derived,” wrote the author.

Sounds pretty good, right? Keeping this analogy in mind, you can see why self-trust is so important. As with all areas of recovery, the process of restoring self-trust will likely take time, patience, and commitment – but it is possible. Get started with these steps:

  • Become someone you can rely on. A big part of learning how to trust yourself is learning to become reliable and accountable. Do your best to keep promises, be on time, stick to goals and show up for yourself and others.
  • Acknowledge wins (big and small). Celebrating your many recovery milestones and victories along the way will help you build confidence in yourself, which is key to building self-trust.
  • Focus on the now. Dwelling on past mistakes can hold you back from trusting yourself to move forward. Think of your first day of recovery as a clean slate – a fresh start to develop a new relationship with you.
  • Set and achieve goals. Setting yourself up to win will only help to bolster your belief in your own abilities.
  • Be patient – with yourself and the process. Recovery is a lifelong process, so you’re bound to have slips and backslides long the way. Trust that you’ll learn from any mistakes and persevere.

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