Common Pitfalls in Early Recovery

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early recovery

Early recovery is a vulnerable time as you adjust to life without drugs or alcohol. This is partly why relapse is so common – with up to 60% of patients who receive substance abuse treatment relapsing within one year, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association.

  • Expecting instant results. While it’s perfectly normal to want to feel better right away and get your life, family and friends back, that’s not how recovery works. Getting (and staying sober) takes time and patience, so slow down and don’t be too hard on yourself. And remember: You will gain more strength and confidence with each passing day.
  • Getting into a relationship. Most addiction experts urge against romantic relationships within the first year of recovery. This is partly because it’s difficult enough to manage your own emotions during early sobriety, let alone the feelings of someone else. What’s more, it’s easy to develop an unhealthy dependence and this could easily lead to relapse if the relationship ends.
  • Comparing yourself to others. Sure, it’s easier said than done. But remember that no one’s recovery journey is alike and there are numerous factors that can influence your progress. Worry about what is and what isn’t working for you instead of trying to keep up with the recovery speed of someone else. Comparing yourself to someone else can brew feelings of hopelessness or discouragement and this can lead to relapse.
  • Not having enough support. Certainly recovering from addiction takes a lot of self-reliance but that doesn’t mean you need to (nor should you) do it alone. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness but a necessary part of recovery. Building a solid support network takes courage and will enable you to better handle the ups and downs along your journey toward lifelong sobriety.

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