4 Life Skills Essential for Recovery

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A big part of sobriety is learning how to navigate life without drugs and alcohol – and this goes for even the most minor daily tasks. From self-care to stress management to managing finances, you’ll need to relearn the life skills that likely fell by the wayside during active addiction.

And once you get a good grasp of these essential life skills, you’ll be that much more equipped to create a new normal filled with endless sober possibilities. Here’s a look at a few of the many essential life skills you’ll likely learn during recovery:

  1. Daily routine. Creating and sticking with a daily routine is crucial for sobriety. For one, you’ll need to manage all of the newfound time on your hands now that you’re free from drugs and/or alcohol. Boredom, after all, can be a relapse trigger. You’ll also need to avoid taking on too much, which can lead to increased stress and anxiety. Your best bet is to make a list of all of your to-dos – and then start prioritizing your list, always keeping your recovery tasks like support meetings top of list.
  2. Self-care. Even simple grooming and hygiene can get forgotten during active addiction. Now is the time to slow down and take steps to present your best self to the world. Self-care also extends to your mind, body and spirit, so this means learning ways to prioritize proper rest, nutrition, exercise and meditation.
  3. Time management. This is one of many life skills that will help you land and keep a job or continue your education. It will also help you balance your recovery with your job/education, family and social obligations.
  4. Finances. Learning to handle money responsibly will enable you to pay rent, utilities, groceries and any medical bills and/or debts. Developing healthy spending habits will also help you to build confidence and achieve any goals that support your new healthy lifestyle.

Begin to Build Your New Normal Today
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