Common Excuses to Avoid Rehab

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rehab excusesUnfortunately, it’s common for people with a substance use disorder to resist treatment and make up excuses to escape rehab. Many experts say that people can’t be pushed into recovery – they need to be ready on their own. Until that point, however, here are several excuses that you may hear from your loved one suffering from addiction.

  • “I can stop anytime I want.” Denial is a pretty common trait among people affected by the disease of addiction. Your loved one may insist that he or she can quit anytime, or deny the severity of his addiction. If this were true, however, he or she would likely have quit already. Addiction is a chronic, progressive disease and it’s best battled with the guidance and support of a team of professional experts.
  • “I can get clean on my own when I’m ready.” This statement has two issues. For one, it’s a false assumption that you can beat an addiction on your own, without any form of addiction treatment. What’s more, quitting “when I’m ready” indicates that the person is putting off recovery perhaps due to fear.
  • “I need alcohol/drugs to cope with all of the stress in my life.” Self-medicating with drugs or alcohol is never a good idea. In fact, it can exacerbate symptoms of anxiety or depression often linked with stress. Plus, the fact that your loved one needs illicit substances to cope with life is a telltale sign that he or she needs professional help.
  • “I’m not nearly as bad as other users.” No matter the severity of your loved one’s substance use disorder, it’s common for him or her to compare his use to the worst stereotype of an addicted individual in an effort to avoid rehab. The truth is that everyone is impacted by addiction differently due to the wide range of health effects caused by the disease of addiction. Just because someone may be deteriorating more quickly, it doesn’t mean your loved one has less of a problem or doesn’t need treatment.
  • “My addiction isn’t hurting anybody.” Abusing drugs and/or alcohol is a self-destructive behavior that harms your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health as well as your family, friends and finances.

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