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About Our Drug Treatment Program in Boulder, CO

NorthStar Transitions empowers people to navigate real life recovery. On top of our comprehensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and trauma informed care curriculum, we focus experientially  and somatically to teach clients how to disrupt their reflexive pattern of behavior, moving them beyond their addiction. Disrupting this pattern enables us to work through stuck traumas and co-occurring disorders, and gives our clients tangible skills to create response instead of their ingrained reaction.

Through working somatically and experientially in group and individual therapy, we have success in taking the client out of their element resulting in authentic healing interactions with peers and their therapist; making real life recovery possible.

Aiming to address each client’s unique challenges and needs in a non-confrontational and non-judgmental way, the NorthStar staff utilizes motivational interviewing, DBT and experiential therapy to assist clients in moving beyond their pre-contemplative or contemplative stage of change.

Conjunct with their clinical treatment, our dedicated treatment team helps clients develop critical life skills to build confidence, resilience and independence as self-sustaining healthy individuals prepared to take on a future free of substance abuse and addiction.

Our continuum of care includes a a variable-length gender-informed residential program for grounding skills and regulation, a Day-Program (PHP) for resourcing and exploration, and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for taking a deeper inventory into the root of their addiction. Each client receives individual and family therapy on top of their group experience, as well as psychiatric attention from our Board Certified Addiction Psychiatrist and medical team who utilize Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) grounded in a value system that supports a holistic and comprehensive approach to medical care.

The Goal is Long-Term Recovery

While clinical excellence is at the core of the NorthStar program, the NorthStar experience extends far outside the walls of the treatment center. While not engaged in clinical programming, clients build a community amongst themselves and with the local recovery community at large through attending scheduled outings such as hiking, yoga classes, visits to the rec center, movies, AA and NA meetings etc.

In addition, clients are supported and encouraged to obtain employment and/or enroll in school concurrently to engaging in clinical programming (at IOP and OP levels of care). The end result is to put the client in the best possible position to succeed upon discharge from the NorthStar program.