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About Our Drug Treatment Program in Boulder, CO

NorthStar Transitions is a licensed and Joint Commission accredited substance abuse treatment center with locations in Boulder and Denver Colorado providing a full continuum of care to adult men and woman suffering from substance use disorders.

The mission of NorthStar Transitions is to provide the highest quality and most individualized substance abuse treatment services possible to our clients. As an organization we are constantly seeking opportunities to improve on our already excellent standard of care. Our goal is to be one of the preeminent providers of substance abuse treatment services in the United States. To this end, we have a passionate and dedicated medical and clinical staff who are trained and learned in the most recent research and evidence-based practices in the addiction treatment industry.

NorthStar has an administrative team that is constantly seeking to improve client care and outcomes. We constantly seek feedback from clients, employees and families on how our services can be optimized and we implement that feedback into our daily operations. The result is drug and alcohol treatment program that is constantly refining its existing excellence in pursuit of the best possible outcome for each client.

The Goal is Long-Term Recovery

While clinical excellence is at the core of the NorthStar program, the NorthStar experience extends far outside the walls of the treatment center. While not engaged in clinical programming, clients build a community amongst themselves and with the local recovery community at large through attending scheduled outings such as hiking, yoga classes, visits to the rec center, movies, AA and NA meetings etc.

In addition, clients are supported and encouraged to obtain employment and/or enroll in school concurrently to engaging in clinical programming (at IOP and OP levels of care). The end result is to put the client in the best possible position to succeed upon discharge from the NorthStar program.