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Admissions to Our Boulder Drug Treatment Program

Thank you for your interest in NorthStar Transitions’ addiction treatment programs. On this page you will find information regarding admission to our detox, residential, day treatment and intensive outpatient treatment programs. All admissions decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

Please reach out to one of our admissions counselors today at 303-558-6400 or submit your insurance information here to get the process started.

Overview of the admission process:

  • Client and/or client’s family makes initial contact with NorthStar Transitions admissions counselor to gather information on the program.
  • NorthStar Transitions performs verification of insurance benefits.
  • NorthStar Transitions calls financially responsible party to discuss insurance coverage and cost of treatment.
  • An over the phone pre-admission assessment is performed with the prospective client.
  • The results of the pre-admission assessment are reviewed by the clinical team to determine appropriateness of client for the program.
  • If client is accepted, a services agreement must be signed by the client and his or her financial guarantor.
  • An admission date and time is scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. Some exceptions made for Residential level of care

Admission criteria include but are not limited to:

  • Client cannot have a diagnosis of Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder or active psychosis. Bipolar 1 disorder will be considered if the client is stabilized on medications.
  • Client must be medically stable
  • Client must be ambulatory and able to participate fully in programming
  • Client cannot currently be taking benzodiazepines
  • Suboxone, Adderall and Vyvance are permissible with a valid prescription
  • Controlled medications will be turned into NorthStar for safe holding and self-administration will be monitored as directed by Medical Director.
  • Client cannot be a registered sex offender or awaiting adjudication on a sex related crime.
  • Client cannot have been convicted of a violent felony within the immediately preceding five years. Past criminal history will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

What to bring:

  • Depending on the season, clients will need to bring appropriate clothing. NorthStar clients ski and snowboard frequently in winter months so appropriate ski gear may also be needed. Comfortable tennis shoes and work out gear is also recommended for trips to the gym and yoga classes.
  • Toiletries (provided at Residential level of care)
  • Driver’s license
  • Insurance card
  • Cell phones, computers and books are permitted except in residential treatment
  • Spending money ($40.00-$60.00 per week)
  • Copy of discharge paperwork from previous treatment center if applicable

What not to bring:

  • Drugs and/or alcohol
  • Paraphernalia
  • Over the counter medications
  • Weapons
  • Pornography
  • Pre-workout supplements

To begin the admission process, please call 303-558-6400 or click here to verify your insurance benefits.