Shocking Findings in Denver Opioid Report

The Denver Department of Public Health & Environment (DDPHE) recently released the “Denver Needs Assessment on Opioid Use,” which was filled with some shocking statistics surrounding the growing opioid abuse problem in the

Why Rehab in Denver

Deciding on a rehab center is a big decision with lots of considerations. In addition to the facility’s experience and approach, clinical practices, amenities and staff accreditations, it’s important to

PTSD and Addiction: What You Need to Know

In honor of National PTSD Awareness Month this June, we’re dedicated this blog to post-traumatic stress disorder and addiction. What are the risk factors of PTSD? What’s the relationship between

Tips for a Fun and Sober Memorial Day

As we kick off the summer this weekend, it’s easy to get nostalgic for party days or feel like you need to stay indoors to resist any temptation. But you

Common Pitfalls in Early Recovery

Early recovery is a vulnerable time as you adjust to life without drugs or alcohol. This is partly why relapse is so common – with up to 60% of patients

Keeping Stress in Check

As we mentioned in a previous post, May is Mental Health Month and what better time to talk about stress and how you can take steps today to better manage it.

Why Exercise Is an Important Part of Mental Health Treatment

Did you know that just one hour of exercise a week has been linked to lower levels of mood, anxiety and substance use disorders? This is just one of the many

How Acupuncture Changes Your Brain

Many of us in the addiction community know the power of acupuncture as part of an overall and comprehensive addiction treatment plan – but do you know why it works?

Letting Go of Everyday Stressors Can Help Your Health (and Your Recovery)

Do you tend to hold onto stress? Are you still fuming the following day after an argument with a family member or frustrating meeting at work? If so, you’ll want

New Poll Reveals Americans’ Views on Drug Addiction

First, the good news: 53 percent of Americans view drug addiction as a medical problem and most think their local community can do more to address the problem, according to