Reminding Yourself That a Sober Life Is a Better Life

Recovering from addiction is hard work. It takes a lot of perseverance, a change of perspective, and the desire to change your life for the better. While recovery does bring

Who Is the Most At-Risk For Drug & Alcohol Addiction?

Addiction can affect anyone, pulling them into its darkness as the disease progresses. However, there are risk factors that place certain individuals at a higher risk of substance abuse. While

Psychodrama Explained

There are many experiential therapies being tried and tested for various mental health concerns. Psychodrama is one of the older forms of these therapies, helping patients gain a new perspective

Changing Your Mentality in Recovery

While addiction recovery is all about treatment, repairing relationships, and learning to live a life of sobriety, none of these things are possible without first changing your mindset. You must

The Impact of Equine Therapy on Addiction Recovery

In the modern world of addiction recovery, treatments have taken a more holistic turn. Today, treatment programs are seeking to treat the whole person using various experiential therapies. One of

How Do You Find the Right Therapist?

When you take the courageous step of reaching out for help in a time of difficulty, it can be confusing knowing where to look for the right people. Reaching out

Family Members of Addicts: The Enabler

Addiction is a disease that impacts each member of a family unit in a different way. Family members often take on different roles in their relation to the addict once

Day Treatment (PHP) for Addiction Explained

Day treatment—or partial hospitalization program (PHP)—is designed for those that don’t need the care of an inpatient program, but need more structure and supervision than an outpatient program. PHPs typically

What’s the Difference Between Marijuana & CBD and Are They Both Addictive?

Today’s society has seen the overturn of laws concerning the legality of marijuana. This has caused individuals to be more likely to try the drug. However, if marijuana is not

Learning Money Management After Addiction

While someone has an addiction, they often only consider money as a priority because it can get them the substance they want so desperately. Other responsibilities that require money are