Activity Ideas for Early Sobriety

How to Get Out of a Rut in Early Recovery If you are in your first year of recovery, then you are starting to enjoy sober activities again (and soon

Addiction Treatment for Grand Junction & the Greater CO Area

NorthStar Transitions is In-Network with Rocky Mountain Health Plans NorthStar Transitions is proud to be an in-network provider of drug rehabilitation services for Rocky Mountain Health Plans. Our mission is to

Interventions Can Be Life Saving

An Interventionist May Open the Door to Recovery Often, the many families who pass through our doors have been so badly damaged by the destructive effects of addiction on their

Early Recovery – “The Pink Cloud”

The Gifts of Early Recovery Our treatment center feels passionately that if someone who is in need of recovery compiles some sober time, they will be amazed at how much

Adderall – A Dangerous Amphetamine

Adderall is Still Being Widely Abused Adderall  came to great notoriety in the early 2000’s as it earned a reputation as a “smart drug” that students were taking in order


A Look at NIDA Principles of Addiction Treatment Part 2 Click here to read part 1. We are going to finish our look at the influential document “Principles of Effective

NIDA Principles of Addiction Treatment

A Look at NIDA Principles of Addiction Treatment Part 1 The article entitled “Principles of Effective Treatment” from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is a comprehensive and informative

Exercise Is The Antidote To Cravings

How Exercise Can Be an Unbelievable Ally in The Recovery Process It’s hard to count the number of different ways that exercise aids the recovering individual. The benefits of adopting

12 Months of Addiction Treatment For Best Outcomes

When it Comes to Treatment, 12 (Months) is the Magic Number Contents: The Latest Medical Studies and the 12 Month Milestone Months 1-3: Detox and Primary (Acute) Treatment Detox Primary

Analysis of Our State’s Changing Laws

The Dangerous Side Effects of Marijuana Legalization in CO Contents: Some Users are More “At Risk” Than Others Marijuana Related Emergency Room Visits Doubled Marijuana is Not Harmless and Affects