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Testimonials for Our Drug Treatment Program in Boulder, CO

For most of 2015 I was in facilities in several states trying to figure out how to live happily in sobriety. Though I was able to learn how to be sober and I developed skills that I still use today in some of the country’s best inpatient recovery departments, I still struggled with enjoying life, and not sweating the small stuff. The fact of the matter was, I had not been in the real world without elicit drugs and alcohol for any significant amount of time since I was 15.

Coming back to society in August of 2015 was a huge culture shock for me after being in a hospital setting for almost six months straight. I was coming from another state, and I didn’t have a lot when I got here. With NorthStar’s help, I found my confidence for the first time in my life. NorthStar’s amazing staff helped guide me in getting back into school, finding work, and rebuilding my relationships with my family. As a patient for NorthStar, I was an active participant in my recovery from the start, and have learned that I deserve and am capable of a fulfilling and great life in sobriety.

Life is amazing for me today. It is not always easy, but nothing worth having ever is. If you want the best shot for yourself or loved one at a great life in recovery, you owe it to yourself to look more into this program.

– Joel M.

We were referred to NorthStar Transitions for our daughters aftercare while she attended treatment in Arizona. Being that our daughter was “on the fence” about staying sober after completing treatment, we had NorthStar fly to Arizona to pick our daughter up from treatment and support her in her transition to aftercare in Colorado. After initially staying in one of NorthStar’s apartments, our daughter’s life skills counselor helped her to find an apartment and a full-time job as a barista. Our daughter has found a new group of friends in Narcotics Anonymous and Phoenix Multisport. Today, our daughter continues to work full-time and has over 6 months sober. Through our phone conferences with her therapist our communication has improved quite a bit and we are looking forward to coming out to Boulder soon to visit her. We are so glad we were referred to NorthStar Transitions. The NorthStar program was a perfect fit for our daughter who was hesitant to attend a residential program.

– Pam and Charles F., New Canaan, Connecticut

When I enrolled in the NorthStar program I was on the verge of being expelled from college due to my substance abuse. I was on and off of academic probation and had been arrested several times on drug and alcohol related charges. After attending a wilderness treatment program I decided to go to NorthStar Transitions for aftercare for a fresh start (I am from New York). I really enjoyed all of the fun activities I did with my life skills counselor and activities with Phoenix Multisport. Now I am back in college, attending AA meetings and recently made the Dean’s List. I credit NorthStar’s individualized program for helping me to get where I am today.

– Jeff L., Scarsdale, New York

After being in a 28 day treatment center, I was referred to NorthStar Transitions for aftercare. Today, I have over 9 months sober, a part-time job and am back in college. I have a new group of friends that I feel like I’ve known forever. My relationship with my parents is better than it has been in years. My depression and anxiety are gone. I can’t imagine where I would be today if it wasn’t for the support I received at NorthStar Transitions. I am very grateful for the time I spent in the NorthStar program.

– Steve I., San Mateo, California

NorthStar Transitions was there for us when our son was struggling with heroin addiction. NorthStar did an intervention with our son when his addiction was spiraling out of control and found our son a treatment center to go to that fit within our budget. What’s more is that Mike Ferrell flew with our son from Denver to Minneapolis to make sure he was successfully checked into the treatment center. Thank you Mike Ferrell and NorthStar Transitions for helping to save our son’s life.

– Judy & Peter W.