4 Healthy Habits to Support Lifelong Recovery

A big part of lasting recovery is building a new sober life filled with healthy habits. While there are countless habits that can be incorporated into daily life to support your recovery, here are a few that should go on the top of your list.

  1. Stick with exercise. Regular exercise has a lot of recovery benefits, including helping you to heal physically and emotionally. It will enable you to better control stress, increase energy, improve sleep and focus. The key is finding exercise that you like so you stick with it – whether walking, running, yoga, hiking, swimming, strength training or taking up an outdoor recreational sport.
  2. Take up journaling. Writing down your thoughts or goals can be very therapeutic. It allows you to sort and let go of any negative emotions holding you back from full recovery. It can also help put your life in perspective and discover ways to find gratitude in daily living.
  3. Make sleep a priority. Chronic poor sleep is a recipe for relapse. A good night’s rest on the other hand can help you take on the day with clarity and emotional balance. Experiment with a few sleep rituals (meditating or soaking in a bath before bed, for instance) and work your way toward creating a solid sleep pattern.
  4. Develop new interests. Perhaps the best way to fill the hole left from years of addiction is to find a healthy hobby that fuels your passion. Volunteer, join a local sports team, take a new class in something you’ve always wanted to learn – the possibilities are endless. Bonus: By developing new interests, you’ll also meet new people and a broader group of supports.

Health and Wellness and Addiction TreatmentAt NorthStar Transitions, we offer our clients general wellness programming to help them develop healthy habits and routines while in addiction treatment. To learn more about our wellness activities and addiction treatment programs, call today: 303-647-4375.

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