5 Types of Experiential Therapy to Enhance Your Recovery

Experiential therapy is an integral part of treating substance use disorders and/or co-occurring disorders, throughout all levels of care – and for good reason. Experiential therapy pushes clients to get out of their comfort zone and practice a skill or learn a concept through an experience. Here’s a look at a few different types of experiential therapies – and how they can play a key role in a successful recovery and fulfilling sober life:

  • Acupuncture: Addiction experts have long touted the physical and the mental benefits of acupuncture. When part of a comprehensive addiction treatment plan, acupuncture can help you manage symptoms of withdrawals, improve sleep, boost immunity, manage cravings and more.
  • Equine therapy: Spending time with horses has been found to help clients recovering from substance use disorder be more gentle and kind to themselves as well as others. What’ s more, equine therapy can help with trust and communication, relationships and setting healthy boundaries.
  • Guided meditation: This ancient practice can help keep you centered, motivated and energized so you can focus on healing your mind, body and spirit. Guided meditation can be a valuable go-to tool for fighting cravings, avoiding triggers, making behavioral changes and more.
  • Indoor rock climbing: As clients scale the wall, they also learn some valuable skills for recovery and beyond. This includes how to set and meet goals, how to stay in the present, how to believe in yourself and your abilities and why never to give up.
  • Yoga: Taking part in regular yoga practice can challenge your mind and body. The result: More confidence and greater self-awareness as well as improved mood, fewer cravings and less anxiety.

Benefits of Experiential TherapyNorthStar offers clients a host of experiential therapy activities to help clients learn valuable recovery skills, including trust, teamwork and self-confidence. To learn more about our Experiential Therapy Addiction Treatment in Boulder, CO, call today: 303-625-6335.

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