Activity Ideas for Early Sobriety

How to Get Out of a Rut in Early Recovery

If you are in your first year of recovery, then you are starting to enjoy sober activities again (and soon will even more as your brain continues to heal from the effects of your substance abuse).However, if you were deep into an addiction, and you want to 'put some miles' between you and that person you used to be, then you have found that keeping active in recovery is the best plan. Relapse prevention specialist Terrence Gorski says "Being in recovery is like going up the down escalator. There is no standing still in recovery."[caption id="attachment_382" align="alignright" width="300"]

exercise in recovery

An object in motion stays in motion.[/caption]But what to do if the newness and novelty of the first couple of months of sobriety has worn off? Everyone is bound to experience "peaks and valleys" of enthusiasm in their early sobriety, so we wanted to share some things to try if you are feeling a little uninspired at the moment.
1. Go to a New 12-Step MeetingVariety is the spice of life, and who knows what you will hear at a different meeting? It might be just the nugget of wisdom that snaps you out of your funk. Perhaps you'll hear something that makes you grateful for your sobriety and inspires you to make your recovery even better. There's no telling who you will meet there at a new 12-Step meeting. Of course, we've found that we've never had a bad day while helping someone with less recovery time.2. Get MovingIt's easy to forget the benefits of moving your body in recovery (but they are numerous and we've written about them here). Our treatment center is located in Boulder which is such an ideal place to get outside and/or participate in sports, so our clients seem to inevitably gravitate to uplifting and healthy new hobbies during treatment. But no matter where you are, doing a physical activity - even as simple as going for a walk - can change the way you feel for the better and also speeds up your recovery.3. Go to Sober PlacesIf you're feeling like a change of scenery and are looking for ideas, most outdoor parks, beaches, hiking trails, and the like are all "drug and alcohol free." The mall, museums, libraries are too for that matter. Whether or not you are heading out with a sqaud, these types of places will provide some stimulation and won't be a negative influence on your sobriety.4. Sober Themed ActivitiesAs maintaining sobriety and living in recovery is becoming a more admired life choice, organizations like Phoenix Multisport are becoming commonplace. Phoenix Multisport is a community of sober people who organize and facilitate drug and alcohol free activities. The organization started here in Colorado, but is rapidly spreading to other locations throughout the United States.Another resource is the website where organizers create groups that are based around activities such as hiking, running, etc. There are sober themed groups on and if you can find an active group based on sobriety then that's fantastic. But keep in mind that has many defunct groups still listed that the person (or people) who created it may have abandoned, so be sure to pay attention to the date of the Meetup Group's last event when adding yourself to groups. Looking for activities that are sober in nature (like hiking or running) with several hundred members or more might be a better bet that you'll find an active group near you.Contact NorthStar for Help in Your Road to RecoveryOur addiction program is based in Boulder Colorado and is known for providing an excellent environment for those in early recovery. Our programs cover the entire spectrum of addiction treatment care, from detox to outpatient programs. Call us today at 303-625-6335 if you have questions about early recovery or anything related to addiction treatment.

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