Are You Breaking the Barrier of Wisdom?

Did you know there is a difference between education, wisdom, and knowledge? An educated person may understand the inner workings of a light bulb and how it turns on, while those who have used light bulbs know how to turn it on and off. A wise person will break those barriers to understand and implement both.

Substance abuse recovery works very similarly. Are there ways you can challenge yourself to break the obstacles of wisdom to learn about substance abuse and find new ways to implement treatment methods to help further your journey in sustaining a sober-free lifestyle?

Education, Knowledge, and Wisdom Are All Around You

Gaining information, education, and knowledge can be found from various outlets. You can find information and educate yourself by going to meetings, reading, talking with peers, or discussing substance abuse recovery with a professional. Information is everywhere. Just because you may understand how substance abuse recovery works does not necessarily mean you have the experience it takes to deepen your understanding of your actions.

For example, if you have someone you love who uses substances, you may start to investigate the substance itself. When it comes to bringing up the subject of substance abuse treatment, you may not understand. As a result, the conversation can turn hostile if not approached correctly. You may not have the experience to know how to properly support your loved ones to progress them towards a healthier lifestyle, and that is okay.

While some techniques of conversation work for some individuals, the same conversation may not work for your loved one. The same goes for levels of support; if you tried to use groups of support that your neighbor used, it might not work for you as it did for them. When you look at education, knowledge, and wisdom, you can start working all of them together to implement the steps that it takes to be successful in recovery, regardless of whether it is for you or your loved one.

Unfamiliar Territory to Maintain Commitments

Substance abuse recovery is unfamiliar territory for those who have never been to treatment, those going through treatment, and those with friends and family who have someone they care about struggling with substance use disorder (SUD). Wisdom is achieved with dedication, compassion, patience, perseverance, and repetition, all in small steps.

Healing is not meant to happen overnight, especially when maintaining a commitment and continuing your support. Therefore it is vital for friends and family members to understand that addiction recovery requires education, knowledge, and wisdom to be successful. It was not until the experience was understood deeper that the levels of treatment started to expand and be beneficial when struggling with substance abuse.

Professionals in substance abuse recovery understand that addiction is not just fixed. They work to acquire a level of dedication and understanding to implement the education and knowledge with the right tools and resources.

Supporting Your Loved One With Encouragement and Wisdom

If you have someone that you love who struggles with SUD, learning how to best support them in various ways can only encourage a sober lifestyle. Supporting your loved one also requires you to support your well-being and environment so you can put your knowledge and education into practice.

For example, if you have a loved one in residential treatment starting their recovery journey, it is essential to understand that they have already stepped out of their comfort zone to establish a healthier lifestyle. If they do not see anyone else around them doing the same things or taking care of themselves, they may fall prey to falling back into old unhealthy habits.

Therefore, it is vital for you as a friend or family member to remember to take care of yourself and improve your environment to show support. When individuals in treatment see that their friends and family members are changing things about themselves, they will be more inclined to want to do the same.

Gain Information and Perform Wise Actions

A substance abuse treatment center will utilize an environment and implement self-care strategies to promote a healthier lifestyle. They will also suggest that, as friends or family members of those in treatment, you should encourage your loved ones through support by creating similar alterations in their lives. This can mean establishing boundaries, using coping mechanisms, establishing a sober-free environment, and maintaining self-care.

By using the knowledge and educating yourself while you are experiencing this challenging time, you begin to break the barriers of wisdom and know-how to have a plan for when your loved one returns home. If you do not have the experience of what to expect or see what your loved one is going through, breaking those barriers may be difficult.

At NorthStar Transitions, we want to help you get as much education, knowledge, and insights about substance abuse recovery so you can become wise in helping your loved one. Doing so supports an opportunity for a successful recovery journey and may change how you perceive the process. Our team is here to talk to you, discuss your feelings about the process, and help your loved one find a healthy direction in life. As a result, both you and your loved one can regain happiness and support free from substance abuse, all while experiencing ways to live healthier. Our treatment facility can help your loved one find ways to achieve long-term recovery. For more information on how to break the barriers of wisdom, educate yourself, and implement the new techniques of a substance-free lifestyle, call NorthStar Transitions today at (303) 558-6400.

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