Benefits of Family Involvement in Your Recovery Journey

Unfortunately, not everyone comes from a healthy family dynamic. For those who do, family involvement can be integral in your recovery journey. Recovering from substance use disorder (SUD) requires a certain level of support. Much of that support can come from family. However, if you have a history of addiction, mental illness, or dysfunction in the family, finding family support can be a challenge. 

Nevertheless, family therapy can benefit individuals with slightly rocky family dynamics while in treatment. Family counseling can be effective in addiction treatment—and in general. Seeking family counseling may provide individuals with the chance to repair the familial relationships in their lives while simultaneously broadening their support network. 

Recovery is possible. Still, everyone needs help from time to time. Learn more about the benefits of family involvement in a recovering individual's journey below. 

Family Involvement Through Interventions 

Some people have discovered and accepted their struggle with SUD on their terms, but not everyone is so lucky. Many individuals with SUD, mental illness, or behavioral addictions do not recognize the signs within themselves. They either can not see the damage addiction has caused or refuse to acknowledge the harm. 

It is hard for these individuals to come to terms with the realities of their situation and even more challenging for them to seek treatment of their own accord. Nevertheless, they require intervention, and family involvement can be invaluable when hosting a successful intervention. 

An intervention is a planned affair where friends and family of someone struggling with addiction come together to discuss the impact of addiction—or other health concerns—and potential solutions, such as recommending treatment centers or services. Additionally, interventions offer friends and family the opportunity to express their concerns and share stories of how their loved one's addiction has impacted their own life. 

Individuals can plan an intervention on their own or employ the help of a professional interventionist. In either case, planning it out carefully beforehand is essential. The presence of family can be powerful. People often forget how much their families care for them, but when families come together in support of a loved one's healing, it can be an eye-opener for that loved one. 

Family Counseling in Addiction Recovery 

Family relationships can be incredibly rocky. Some family dynamics are toxic—even traumatic. Family involvement is, of course, not an ideal suggestion in a situation where the family of the one needing treatment is abusive, manipulative, or perpetuates addictive behaviors. However, individuals who come from a healthy family dynamic and struggle to connect with or understand their family members may benefit from family counseling. 

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), family therapy is based on a system of many parts. When one person is affected by a mental illness, everyone is affected. Family counseling helps the whole family recover as one or more members seek recovery. Addiction is not always an individual problem. Family members may struggle with stress, grief, and trauma while watching a loved one endure difficult times. 

Family therapy teaches healthy coping techniques in addition to repairing potential damage caused by addiction. Some of the potential benefits of family therapy include the following: 

  • Discussing mental health concerns within the family 
  • Educating family members on addiction 
  • Talking through negative emotions relating to addiction, such as stress, fear, anger, or grief
  • Improving communication skills between family members 
  • Encouraging a loved one who is in treatment or recovery 
  • Mitigating codependent or enabling behaviors

Benefits of Family Involvement in Recovery 

Once individuals have a more solid foundation within their family unit, they can begin to see the benefits of family involvement in recovery. The first benefit is a healthier support system. Attending support group meetings, having sober friends, and seeing a professional are invaluable tools for sobriety—especially for those who experience issues a family member may not understand. 

Having one's family in their corner offers strength and hope. Plus, individuals can never have too much support in addiction recovery. 

Additionally, family involvement can lower the risk of relapse in many cases. When a family is educated about addiction and knows their loved one's potential triggers, they can help by keeping an eye out for them and serving as a reliable resource in times of trouble.

Lastly, a big part of recovery is making amends. People often exhibit negative behaviors during active addiction, such as lying, stealing, manipulating, or hurting family members in other ways. Family involvement in the recovery process offers a chance to make amends and for everyone to move forward together. 

Recovering individuals and their families may experience hardships while embarking on this journey. However, the result will be worth it if each person puts in the effort and has an open mind. 

Family involvement is integral to addiction recovery. Unfortunately, many people come from unhealthy family dynamics. The number of people who experience abuse, neglect, trauma, and other harm from their families is tragic. Nevertheless, many people have families and upbringings that are relatively happy, though no situation is perfect. When seeking treatment, individuals should consider family counseling. This will offer the family education and guidance regarding addiction and help the one in recovery feel supported and encouraged. Family involvement can help reduce risks of relapse, widen a support network, and improve lines of communication within the whole family unit. If you seek a better relationship with your family during your recovery journey, NorthStar Transitions can help. Call (303) 558-6400.

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