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Sober living is an important step in the Denver drug rehab and Boulder drug rehab continuum of substance abuse treatment care. This blog post will help you determine what to look for when choosing a Denver or Boulder sober living house or apartment.One common mistake people make when searching for a sober living facility is to focus on cost only. Of course, cost in an important factor but cost should not be the determining factor when choosing a sober living. Many sober living facilities provide only a sober living environment with curfews and drug and alcohol tests but no clinical services or guidance on how to live sober. So, when looking for a Denver or Boulder sober living facility, be sure that they provide more than three hots and a cot.Sober living should provide a structured and supportive environment but clinical services such as therapy, relapse prevention skills training, academic or vocational support and case management services are also very important.Here is a list of Denver and Boulder sober living facilities:

  • The Rose House provides sober living for women only and is located in Lafayette, CO.
  • CeDAR provides Denver sober living to men and women on the University of Colorado Hospital campus.
  • The Raleigh House provides sober living in the Denver area for men and women.
  • The Choice House provides sober living in the Boulder area.
  • The Serenity House is the least expensive sober living in the Denver area and is located in Loveland, CO.
  • Sobriety House also provides an affordable Denver sober living
  • AIM House provides sober living in the heart of Boulder for young men and women 18-25 years old.
  • Jaywalker Lodge provides sober living to young men 18-30 and is located in Carbondale, CO.
  • St. Paul sober living in also located in Carbondale, CO.
  • Shadow Mountain provides Denver sober living in a resdential neighborhood in south Denver.

NorthStar Transitions provides luxury Boulder sober living apartments in the heart of Boulder to clients enrolled in our life skills counseling program. To view information about NorthStar Transitions Boulder sober living apartments visit our webpage at:

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