Early Recovery in Boulder Colorado

Why is Boulder Colorado Such a Great Place For Early Recovery?

Thriving in recovery is different than merely halting the intake of the drug(s) of choice. Evidence has repeatedly shown a strong correlation between length of treatment and length of recovery. This is because the recovering individual continues to enjoy the support of trained counselors and participation in group therapy and support group meetings as they process the issues that come up and establish new responses to life's stressors and triggers. The result is a more fulfilling recovery experience.Since an individual can’t remain in a highly monitored residential treatment program forever, it becomes necessary to find ways to extend the support and accountability found in an inpatient treatment to the gradual “stepping down” through levels of care.Enter the NorthStar Transitional Programs in Boulder, Colorado. Modeling the field of addiction treatment's most cutting edge and evidence based conclusions, NorthStar has multiple levels of care which allow our clients to gradually re-integrate back into society and their professional careers (or education), while still getting professional counseling to work through the issues that arise, and of course receive the positive reinforcement of continuing to test negatively on drug and alcohol screenings.

Boulder is a Progressive Community that Supports Recovery

The medical community has widely accepted addiction as a medical disease that warrants compassionate treatment and ongoing support. This perception of the nature of addiction has replaced the outdated notion that it is the result of poor decision-making or lack of self-control. Society at large is gradually adopting this updated view of recovery, but some regions of the country are more tolerant and understanding of the true nature of addiction than others.Boulder is known for its progressive attitudes and creative innovation, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that living in recovery is widely considered commendable and deserving of support in Boulder. Boulder is a true “college town” and no other city in the U.S. is as synonymous with natural, healthy living as Boulder. Some examples of how this manifests itself socially is the high priority placed on environmental sustainability, popularity of outdoor activities, the popularity of organic food, and the prevalence of vegan restaurants in Boulder.So “ditching the drugs” and embracing sobriety are considered admirable endeavors worthy of support and positive reinforcement. A great example of this can be found by visiting the Phoenix Multisport website. Phoenix Multisport is a thriving and large community of active and proudly sober individuals. The mission of this non profit is to “offer free programs for people with 48 hours of continuous sobriety.”

Addiction Treatment is a High Priority of Top Institutions

Among institutions of higher learning, The University of Colorado is possibly the nation's leader in adopting support services for its student and teaching community who may be struggling with a chemical dependency. The University was one of the first to create resources for recovering students like CU Recovery Center, which offers drug free lounges and activities for recovering individuals. The University of Colorado was also one of the first major universities to institutionalize sober student housing.The CU Boulder Sober Buffs network is a large and active Facebook community of students and alumni who live in recovery proudly and support each other. The opportunities for sober social activities are endless in Boulder Colorado. Great outings like museums, indie movies, plays and musicals, art shows, and even the nearby world famous Red Rocks Amphitheater are all conveniently located near Boulder, Colorado.

Unmatched Outdoor Activities

There’s something about nature’s majesty that reinforces one’s place in the world and puts things in perspective. This can be very useful when it comes to managing the stressors and triggers of life that a recovering individual must inevitably work through in order to truly thrive. Residents of Boulder have an an incredible array of outdoors activities at their disposal. Sports like soccer, softball, basketball, skiing/snowboarding, basketball, and biking are all very popular in Boulder.

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Hiking to Hot Springs is an Uplifting Sober Activity[/caption]

To remove yourself from a busy routine and spend time communing with nature can be transformative and many recovering people have their sobriety greatly enhanced by visiting one of the many nearby natural parks.Of course, physical activities like hiking and biking speed up the body's purging of latent chemicals and toxins. Physical activity also speeds up the restoration of normal brain chemistry which has been altered as a result of drug or alcohol abuse.

Boulder’s Creative Spirit is Conducive to Personal Development

Many people come to NorthStar Transitions in Boulder for a supportive sober living environment after receiving residential treatment elsewhere (and perhaps living in another part of the state or country prior to treatment). Many of our clients really ‘find themselves’ here in Boulder while participating in our programs. Boulder's creative spirit and uplifting positivity is known to inspire unique personal breakthroughs leading to lasting change.

Contact NorthStar for More Information about Our Boulder Programs

If you or a loved one is on the path of early recovery (or in need of starting the path) and would like to discuss treatment and sober living options in Colorado, please call NorthStar Transitions today. Our team of intake counselors will provide a confidential and complimentary assessment of your situation and also verify insurance benefits (if necessary) and provide treatment options for you or your loved one. Recovery awaits, call us today!

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