Getting off the Fence of Substance Use

Are you aware that if you sit on a fence, you’re more likely to get splinters? That does not sound fun and could be extremely painful. You have spent the last period of your life enjoying the pleasures of substance use, despite the havoc and chaos it delivered to your life. However, you are still holding on to those moments, and you may find yourself questioning if this is going to be the last time. Moments like these are like just sitting on the fence.

Struggles of Staying on the Fence

There are many genuine struggles and challenges with substance use, treatment, and recovery. There are elements in each situation that are often unheard of or unexpressed. If you feel you are caught in the grips of substance use and yet desire the ability to be free from it, you may be sitting on the fence. 

The reasons you have for sitting on the fence can vary from your situation to others. You may sit on the fence because you are afraid to succeed, are nervous about changing, don’t believe that recovery is possible, are overwhelmed, or don’t feel that you have the potential to live up to expectations.

Two Sides of the Fence

However, when you are honest about your life and examine your choices and decisions, you can learn to face the fears and accept the reality to change your perspective of these conflicts. Deep down inside you, you feel that something is wrong, and you shouldn’t give up. However, you don’t know where to look or how to fix it. 

Sitting on the fence is common with those who struggle with substance use, as many people face and experience it before they seek help. The reluctance to give up substances or the resistance to treatment can lead to procrastinating and avoiding the decision to make the jump off the fence.

The longer you sit on the fence, wavering between the decision to be free from substances or to continue using substances, the longer you hurt yourself. However, when you eliminate the fear of staying the same, you will notice the jump off the fence is just a hop. 

Ask yourself which side of the fence you would rather be on. Do you feel you can change if you continue to use the substances, or do you think you can progress further in life by eliminating the substances?

How to Get Off the Fence

The only way to get off the fence is to decide which side you want the most. When you realize you can change and have a healthy, happy life, one side of the fence instantly becomes more appealing. Now it’s just a matter of making that leap of faith onto the right side of the fence.

The first question to ask yourself is whether you’re ready to get off the fence. This is a question that embarks on a journey to seek options for help and faces the fear of recovery. You need to narrow down your options instead of sitting on the fence, deciding between the two.

You can have the courage to get off the fence by asking yourself additional questions. Some topics to consider can include your fears, self-defeating behaviors, complex feelings you don’t want to address, habitual behaviors, whether the change will improve your life, when you are planning to change, and what is causing the feeling of keeping you on the fence.

Once you answer these questions, you can get off the fence faster. Some people feel they are stuck on the fence because they refuse to want to change. Getting help is harder and makes it more of a challenge. However, if you feel that the recovery side of the fence is going to be the best fit for you, it’s time for you to make the jump.

Once you address how you perceive your substance use, you can determine your strength to overcome it. Don’t be surprised if you feel that denial, guilt, or anger emotions arise when making the hop off the fence. 

Your New Footing

Finding a new footing is normal in recovery, as you're setting your foot on the path of recovery. You may need help from an experienced and compassionate professional to guide you down the path of recovery, but it takes the first hop off the fence from you before recovery can begin. It’s time you take yourself and your future seriously and get off the fence because your life depends on it.

If you feel you need a hand to help you leap off the fence, then reaching out to NorthStar Transitions today can give you the support you need. We want to help you begin the fruitful and healthy life that you deserve to have. We believe that you have what it takes to get through recovery, and we provide you with support and treatment options that are geared specifically to you and your situation. You don’t need to get the splinters from sitting on the fence for too long, and we have a team ready to catch you when you make your leap. We understand it will be scary to get off the fence; however, it’s better to do it now instead of waiting until later. NorthStar Transitions is here for you to help you get off the fence and guide you down the path of recovery. For more information, call us at (303) 558-6400.

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