How Dedication and the Right Choices Make All the Difference

You have changed your mind, body, and spirit to establish healthy habits. So far, you have completed challenge after challenge, guiding yourself and making the right decisions. You pushed yourself to have dedication and meaning in life. That is worth a lot and deserves a huge celebration! However, remember that the changes you have made in your life can still be fragile after you leave the treatment facility. Your dedication to the right choices is just as important in your life after treatment.

Dedication and the Recovery Journey

Some individuals initially dedicated to the recovery journey return to substance use as a habit. If you are looking for a means to break this habit and make sure it won’t come back into existence, finding and utilizing the right maintenance plans is a necessity. When you understand how your decisions and dedication work with your aftercare plans, you create a solid preventative maintenance plan.

After treatment, there are services to help you stay committed to the recovery journey and your sobriety goals. Aftercare treatment services are essential to helping you make the right decisions and pushing your dedication to new heights. 

Your aftercare plans are very similar to the plans set forth when your treatment began. It is going to mirror similar techniques and treatment approaches to help you maintain your new sober life.

Some planning services can include understanding the severity of substance use education, identifying your barriers or burdens, attending appointments such as group therapy or family therapy sessions, and developing self-management, protection, and relapse prevention plans. These are all included in your aftercare plan. However, creating the plan and implementing it can drive you to make the right decisions and helps to keep your dedication to your recovery.

Aftercare Plans Are Important

The aftercare plan is one of the most important stages of the process because it is the foundational step of your new life after treatment. Once you underwent treatment, removed all the toxins from your body, and addressed the core issue of your substance use, you are ready to transition into life.

This part of the process is very scary to a lot of individuals, as they don’t want to go back to their previous habits. They may also be nervous that they’re going to fall back into previous habits. Following through and maintaining your dedication to aftercare plans can help you make the right decisions in your sober life.

Throughout treatment, you were equipped with the tools and skills required to make your life healthy and happy outside treatment. Your aftercare plan embeds these tools and resources into a daily routine, providing ongoing support.

Making Fresh Choices

Once you have committed to maintaining your healthy lifestyle, your level of dedication is improved, but making the right choices is all up to you. However, you will also have continued support through support groups or counseling.

The choices are now in your hands. Depending on where your goals and values align, the success of your path rests on your dedication to making the right choices. If you waiver or struggle to make the right decisions, positive or motivating activities can help you establish the future that you want.

They are also fantastic at inspiring you and removing outside influences that may trigger your old habits. Besides your aftercare plans, other programs are available for you to go to, such as sober living homes, alumni programs, support groups, ongoing therapy, case management, and other activities to help you build self-sufficiency to prevent a return to substances.

These programs and methods help push you toward the right decisions, building on your level of dedication to maintain your commitment. When you have your hands busy with proactive and productive activities or duties, your levels of dedication and motivation increase dramatically.

Aftercare and Relapse Prevention

Your sobriety is here to stay. In return, you will avoid relapse, stay physically and mentally healthy, and enjoy the commitment to lifelong recovery. With aftercare plans that are designed specifically for you and the coping skills and resources learned from treatment, you can eliminate the fear of returning to life, avoiding the questions about whether you’re going to make the right decisions. 

You have come so far, and you’ve already identified so much of yourself. Now it’s the point of applying all the resources and tools you're given in treatment to help you make the right decisions because you can. You've already come this far.

If you need help to find aftercare or sober living programs, a compassionate team member at NorthStar Transitions can help you identify the tools and resources you need for a healthy and successful recovery. From the initial entry to leaving treatment, NorthStar Transitions helps you learn new life skills in your journey of healthy healing. Your recovery is more than just clearing out the toxins from your body. You need to heighten your level of dedication to maintain your choice to have a happy and healthy life. We want to help you stop undesired behaviors, rebuild your life with purpose, direction, and dedication, and encourage you to make all the right choices in your aftercare plan. However, if you need help to plan the aftercare phase or need direction on how to make the right decisions, NorthStar Transitions you to help you through any level of healing. Call us for more information at (303) 558-6400.

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