How Does Cutting-Edge Science and Holistic Treatment Options Help With Addiction?

There are so many different addiction recovery treatment options available, and it may be challenging to choose one over the other. So, if you are looking to understand how cutting-edge science versus holistic treatment options helps with addiction recovery, then you are in the right place. 

Both treatment options relate and connect with substance use disorders, and both can help individuals progress living a healthier lifestyle. Used together, they create a perfect duo that helps in every area of substance use treatment.

Various Approaches in Treatment

Learning about different treatment options is a step in the right direction as it can help you reclaim your life and make a difference in your overall well-being and purpose. When you struggle with substance use, finding the proper treatment is essential, whether that be scientific approaches or holistic healing methods. 

Some treatment centers focus more on one than the other. At NorthStar Transitions, we believe that a combination of both is the most effective method for treatment, but you may find you are more comfortable with one or the other. This is something to consider when looking for the right treatment center for your needs.

The Scientific and Evidence-Based Approach

Scientific and evidence-based treatment options are treatment options backed by scientific study and confirmed by evidence that they work for a given individual. It is a more conventional and modern approach to addiction recovery. These options can treat both mental and physical aspects of substance use disorder and use close monitoring of their effects and effectiveness.

Scientific approaches use new and innovative lines of treatment to meet your needs. Scientific and evidence-based treatment may include things like medication-assisted treatment and cognitive behavioral therapy to address the substance use disorder at its core. The treatments are backed up by science, are used in many addiction recovery centers, and are managed by a medical professional. There are many evidence-based treatment options, so there are alternatives if one kind of treatment does not work for you.

The Holistic Healing Approach

Holistic healing treatment options are on the other side of the same coin. Holistic healing focuses on the overall well-being of yourself. It addresses your physical, emotional, and spiritual renewal and balance.

Holistic healing has a long history of helping individuals from the inside out. These types of treatment options address whole-body healing, often including lifestyle and behavioral changes, self-care practices, and more emotional- and spiritual-based healing methods. These are all important elements of healing from addiction, as addiction affects most, if not all, areas of your life.

Taking Advantage of Both Types of Treatments in Addiction Recovery

Because both types of treatments are meant to work for each individual and are based on the person in recovery's needs, how can you determine which one will work well for you? The first step is to understand what you want to heal from and how you want to progress forward. Additionally, you may want to ask yourself if you are going to first address the substance itself or if you are going to focus on the whole-body healing.

Both treatments are good options, but one may appeal to you more than the other. Holistic healing focuses on every element of your health through counseling, peer support, therapy, and other treatment options such as meditation or art therapy. When you consider scientific approaches, you may be more focused on the physical elements than whole-body healing.

Scientific treatment options and holistic options often have the best results when used together in some measure.

How NorthStar Transitions Stands Out and Makes a Difference for Your Recovery Solutions

While neither option is inherently better than the other, one may be a better fit for you and your lifestyle. In some addiction recovery centers, treatment options address the physical, emotional, and spiritual with evidence-based treatment options. NorthStar Transitions is here to give you exceptional treatment options catered to your needs.

For example, we have evidence-based clinical practices and implement holistic healing treatment options so you can get the best of both. We are a substance abuse treatment center with transitional living options in Boulder, Colorado, to help those who struggle with substance use disorders. Since substance use disorders are a challenge, navigating treatment should not and does not need to be done alone.

We believe in staying connected with you and giving you a tailored, individualized treatment plan that will meet every need so you can experience long-term healing. Levels of care can range from inpatient through outpatient and far beyond. We are here to meet your needs through whole body healing and rebuild the life you deserve with evidence-based therapies, holistic support, and life skills that train you to transition into a recovery journey that will last a lifetime.

NorthStar Transitions stands apart from other addiction recovery centers because we commit to making a difference in the community by implementing a variety of treatment options. We have various levels of care for anyone seeking restoration and healing from substance use disorders. We know that recovery is different for everyone, so we use both scientific, evidence-based methods of healing in conjunction with holistic healing methods, so there is something for everyone. Every individual deserves to have a healing journey focused on the overall well-being of their life. If you want to see how we implement a robust continuum of care with our evidence-based clinical practices and holistic healing options, we are here to help and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. For more information on how our range of treatment options can help you recover from substance use disorder, reach out to our compassionate team at (303) 558-6400.

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