How Does NorthStar Transitions Handle Pain Management in Recovery?

Pain is a health concern that many individuals face when undergoing treatment for addiction recovery. Both pain and addiction are related to behavioral components, genetics, and harmful consequences. They require different levels of treatment for each individual to simultaneously reduce the struggle of pain and addiction. When people experience pain, it can distract them from recovery proceedings and even cause them to reject treatment interventions and go back to substance use to avoid uncomfortable feelings. Pain management options in treatment help individuals focus on recovery for a healthier lifestyle. Pain management physicians deeply understand substance use disorders and implement interventions for effective pain relief, and scientific evidence-based treatment plans to help those struggling.

Interventional Treatment Procedures

Pain can originate from any area of the body and may lead to chronic pain and be indicative of other health concerns. Those who struggle with chronic pain combined with substance use might experience a decreased quality of life. In addition, they may be using substances to cope with their pain, which increases the stress and worry of their life. Pain and substance use can be causes and effects of each other, creating a cycle that's hard to break. It's hard for friends and family members to see a loved one stuck in this cycle.

Pain management and control are achieved by putting pain management treatment plans into effect. These plans are individually prescribed based on if the pain one experiences is acute, severe, or life-threatening. Maximizing the implementation of pain management and interventional treatment procedures in addiction recovery helps develop a therapeutic relationship between the individual being treated and the facility helping with pain management for the most positive outcomes. 

With healthcare professionals using evidence-based treatment options and customizing pain management plans, those in recovery receive the pain management treatment they deserve to progress the quality of life further and recover from substance abuse with minimal discomfort. Some of the treatment procedures used for pain management strategies include medically assisted treatment and holistic healing plans. 

How Is Pain Managed at NorthStar Transitions Center?

NorthStar Transitions uses evidence-based clinical practices as a premier way to help individuals who struggle with substance use. We want to help every individual receive a continuum of care and get the clinical pain management care they deserve. Our team successfully helps treat pain and unexplained symptoms with psychological factors behind substance use. Clients receive regular assessments so the clinicians can understand the problem areas and determine the best way to move forward.

We use innovative approaches to implementing self-care and developing coping mechanisms to decrease pain levels specific to each client's situation. Many of our programs help focus on the individuals in recovery with effective pain relief options. With our continual consultation analysis, we can simultaneously identify, treat, and monitor the root causes of pain masked by and caused by substance use or withdrawal. 

We want to help each client understand and treat the root causes of the pain rather than mask it. We know substance use can creep out of the blue and be used to self-medicate; therefore, to break the cycle of substance use, we implement cutting-edge and innovative approaches for our addiction recovery programs. 

Our team helps complete full clinical analysis and consultations for those entering treatment and those who need more innovative treatment options. For anyone looking for adequate pain management strategies implemented in their recovery plan, our pain management team will provide specific, individualized care to make treatment as smooth as possible.

Why NorthStar Transitions Makes All the Difference for Pain Management Treatment Options

NorthStar Transitions makes all the difference for pain management treatment options because we use clinical and holistic procedures for sustained and immediate relief for substance use disorders and pain simultaneously. In addition, for those who struggle with chronic pain syndromes and substance use, our recovery process can address the pain symptoms and the addiction under one roof. 

Since more than 2 million individuals struggle with both substance use and pain, it is imperative to have the proper training, knowledge, resources, and pain management strategies to help each individual get the relief they deserve. Our innovative approaches help improve patient survival, increase retention, decrease substance use disorders, maintain and enhance the quality of life, and help individuals fully grasp the tools necessary for a healthier lifestyle.

With so many treatment options available across the United States, people seeking treatment need to be sure they're choosing the right one for them. Each of our clients can rest assured that they will find the best quality of care and help with pain management at NorthStar Transitions. We take pain management and substance use disorders seriously.

NorthStar Transitions ensures that pain will not hinder you from being able to achieve sobriety. Our certified practitioners implement customized pain management plans with evidence-based treatment approaches and holistic healing modalities to help each individual who experiences pain in conjunction with substance use disorder. We believe you deserve a combined treatment option for substance use disorders and pain management. Therefore, we want you to have as much information and knowledge on the treatment options available in Boulder, Colorado. Our team understands how hard life can be without successful pain management options during addiction recovery. If you are a loved one of someone seeking treatment, your peace of mind when sending someone to treatment is important too. To find out more transparent information on how NorthStar Transitions handles pain management and recovery, we would be happy to talk you through our process, difference, and treatment plans when you call us at (303) 558-6400.

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