How Indoor Rock Climbing Does Your Recovery Good

indoor rock climbing and recovery

Indoor rock climbing is becoming a part of the experiential therapies offered at many addiction treatment centers. This is because many of the lessons learned while scaling the wall can help you on your route toward sustained recovery.

Here, we look at a few ways indoor climbing teaches you life skills while getting a workout:

  • You’ll learn to stay in the present. To successfully reach the top, you’ll need to focus on the handholds and footholds right in front of you; not lament how far you are from the top. By taking one step at a time and focusing on the now, you’ll also learn to be focused and centered in daily life.
  • You’ll increase your self-confidence and self-efficacy. As you climb new routes and achieve new victories, you’ll come to realize that you can conquer more than you think. This will help you to build up your belief in yourself and your ability to accomplish the tasks of recovery.
  • You’ll reduce stress: Like other types of exercise, indoor climbing reduces levels of the body's stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. Losing yourself in the flow of climbing can also create a sense of euphoria and even block pain, according to one study by Indiana University.
  • You’ll learn to set goals. To climb rocks, you need to set small goals and move toward them – and you likely know by now how important that skill is for long-term sobriety.
  • You’ll increase your perseverance. This is a great sport for teaching the value of grit; if you don’t keep trying, you’ll never get to the top.

Experience Our Experiential TherapyNorthStar offers clients a host of experiential therapy activities, including indoor rock climbing, to help clients learn valuable recovery skills, including trust, teamwork, and self-confidence. To learn more about our addiction treatment in Boulder, CO, call today: 303-625-6335.

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