How Nature Helps With Motivation in Aftercare Plans

Motivating yourself is an essential factor in reaching goals and increasing your performance. Maintaining your motivation in your aftercare plans can enable your sense of self-worth and personal management. When you are ready to pursue goals and have determination, your inspiration flies through the roof. Keeping up your motivation and momentum in recovery is essential. However, finding means to regain motivation once it's been lost is difficult for some to achieve. Being in and engaging with nature has the incredible ability to help you with your motivation.

The Existence of Nature with Motivation

Lack of motivation often stems from a lack of satisfaction or stimulation in your life. When you don't keep yourself going with hobbies or interests, you can stagnate in your recovery progression. Finding things you're passionate about kindles your desire to stay motivated, especially after treatment. The more satisfying your life is on different levels, the more you can retain motivation. Nature is an amazing source of motivation because nature itself is a phenomenon that expels energy forces.

A nature-centered environment helps reduce your stress levels and provides inspiration for physical activity and satisfaction. When you let nature permeate the places inside you where you hold onto sadness, helplessness, and anxiety, your body starts reacting positively to its surroundings. A comfortable environment close to nature is a pleasing element to your soul. Between flora, fauna, landscapes, weather events, and natural phenomenon, nature presents many ways to get engaged and, by extension, stay motivated in your recovery.

Plants produce oxygen. Beauty is in every corner of the natural world. These are only a few benefits of the outdoors. Nature is known to heal, reduce anger and stress, and excite the natural physical well-being of humans. Having a simple house plant can even significantly decrease stress and anxiety. Utilizing the existence of nature and pushing yourself more into it can enhance your recovery goals. 

Nature can also spark your creativity and imagination. When you start looking at nature scenes, you become more interested and wonder about the different kinds of plants or what might be hiding behind the bushes. Those that spend time in nature by themselves are more connected with their surroundings and have a greater sense of self. When you go too long without being outside or engaging with nature, studies show you are more at risk for depression, isolation, and other mental health challenges. Since technology is so pervasive in today's culture, humans are losing their connection with nature, which significantly impacts our overall well-being.

Nature Smiles Back

In early 1980, many recommendations from clinical professionals advised individuals to start taking walks in the woods and increasing their time spent in nature. This approach to self-healing and self-care is believed to help lower stress. Since then, researchers have dedicated plenty of time to investigating how beneficial it is to one's well-being to be regularly and intimately acquainted with the world around them. Yoshifumi Miyazaki, a Japanese forest-therapy expert, stated that he spent much time in the forest and realized it produced a state of psychological relaxation.

Other researchers found out the therapeutic benefits of staying in a forest overnight and how it exhibited bodily changes through aromatherapy and strengthened immunity. More recent studies concur that spending time in nature has immense health benefits. In fact, as nature makes you happier to be in it, science shows that, in some ways, humans make nature happy as well. When viewed under a microscope, the chemical makeup of blades of grass almost looks like smiling faces. Next time you go outside, remember that the grass likes to smile. Nature is giving you a smile of approval when you use it to enhance your motivation in aftercare plans.

Being exposed to fresh air will help decrease health concerns and give you a state of relaxation required to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Getting active in nature, whether through hiking, fishing, canoeing, nature walking, or whatever else floats your boat, produces benefits to your physical health as well as mental and emotional.

Motivating Yourself and Further Progressing Aftercare Plans

Nature can help motivate you in your lifestyle and choices. There is so much around you to enjoy. When you implement positive motivation into your life through nature, sobriety can be easier to maintain. The natural world can provide many opportunities for healing, activity, and inspiration. If you are looking to achieve your maximum potential, implementing nature into your lifestyle can be a step in the right direction. Get outside, get connected with nature, and let it improve your life today!

NorthStar Transitions believes in holistic healing methods, meaning embedding yourself in nature is a good stepping stone for increasing your mental health and overall well-being. We know that changing yourself over time after treatment requires work and improvement on a day-to-day basis. Keeping up your motivation and momentum in your recovery plans is crucial to continued sobriety. By finding opportunities to interact with nature in different scenarios and situations, you will start pulling in positive energy forces that will keep you motivated. In addition, it helps with your outlook in your aftercare stage. Motivation will help you enhance and accept the changes you’ve made in your life to further progress your new, healthier lifestyle after addiction recovery. If you struggle to find your motivation for continued wellness after getting treatment for addiction, NorthStar Transitions can help. Contact us today for more assistance with motivation and existence in aftercare plans or find support for addiction treatment at (303) 558-6400.

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