How to Spot Toxic People in Your Life and Move on From Them

Sometimes in life, you find yourself surrounded by people that are less than ideal for your overall mental health and recovery. Toxic individuals can bring you down without noticing it for an extended period. Knowing how to spot these individuals can save you from emotional distress. However, it is not enough to just identify these individuals. It is also essential to get rid of them and move on. 

Types of Toxic People

There are different types of toxic people that may appear in your life. You can spot them through their behaviors, how you feel around them, and how you feel after seeing them. Here are seven types of topic people that might be in your life:

The Liar

Many people lie to cover up their behavior or avoid hurting the people around them. However, this often backfires and ends up creating rifts. If you find out someone has been lying to you, including little white lies, it could be time to cut them out of your life. Remember, you deserve the truth, and someone that does not think you are worth the truth does not belong in your life.

The Gossip

Some individuals simply cannot keep private information to themselves. If you have someone in your life that is continually telling you other people’s business, they are likely telling others about your business too. These people most likely enjoy spreading rumors and involving themselves in drama; this is unhealthy behavior and can cause negativity in your life. Cut them out as soon as possible.

The Energy Drainer

Have you ever felt emotionally exhausted after hanging out with someone? Sometimes people struggle with low self-esteem or simply require more attention to boost their feelings. These people can leave you feeling drained and unable to take care of yourself. Remember, it is not worth putting in effort towards people that do not reciprocate.

The Instigator

Perhaps you have a person in your life that seems to always “stir the pot,” meaning they like to start drama and then sit back to watch it unfold. Behavior like this is extremely toxic and should be avoided, as it can land you in trouble just for being associated with the person.

The Manipulator

Certain people like to control those around them just to boost themselves up. When someone uses you for their own benefit, they show you that they do not care about you, your wellbeing, or your happiness. Individuals like this do not deserve your time or energy.

The Pessimist

While everyone goes through challenging times, some people always seem to have a gray cloud over them. These individuals always look on the negative side and remind you of the bad things in life. With the struggles you are already facing, it is not worth it to have someone else bring you down. Cut them out of your life to find more positivity.

The Imposter

In the age of social media, numerous individuals do things solely for likes and others’ attention. Have you ever experienced a friend acting differently just to impress others? These actions often result from personal issues and can bring you down in the process. Avoid these people and stay true to yourself. 

Cutting Out Toxic Individuals

Toxic individuals often have ways of weaseling themselves back into your life even after you try to cut them out. Try following these tips to cut them out for good and protect your mental health and wellbeing:

Stand Your Ground

People will take advantage of your kindness. If you try to kick someone out of your life without being firm, a toxic person may attach themselves to you more to avoid losing you. Be firm, direct, and clear about your intentions, and let them know they are no longer welcomed in your life.

Uphold Your Boundaries

Toxic individuals will look for any weak spot in you that will allow them to weasel back into your life - once you decide to kick them out, stand by it, and uphold your decision. Cut off communication, block them, and don’t check in on them. Uphold the separation and move on.

Protect Your Wellbeing

It is not your responsibility to fix other people. Sometimes you might be tempted to help someone out, but when that person continues taking advantage of you and hurting you, it is time to let go. No one is worth sacrificing your mental health and overall wellbeing.

Don’t Expect Change

Sometimes you might want to threaten to cut someone out, hoping that they will change their behavior. However, you cannot rely on this. Most likely, the person will not change. If you are ready to cut them out, cut them out for good, and be done. You cannot expect someone to behave differently when they have shown you repeatedly that they are only interested in themselves.

Toxic people can be draining and lead to declining mental health. It is essential to protect your wellbeing by identifying toxic individuals in your life and then cutting them out and moving on. There are several types of toxic people that may enter your life, and knowing how to recognize them can save you many hurts. Learn the signs and educate yourself on how to get rid of them. Remember to stand by your convictions, be direct, and uphold your boundaries. No one deserves access to your time or energy if they continuously bring you pain and trouble. Toxic people can cause significant emotional wounds, so if you ever need support through this time, reach out for help. The team at Northstar Transitions can help you cope with the loss and support your decision. Cutting out toxic people isn’t easy, but it is possible. Call Northstar today at (303) 558-6400 to learn more.

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